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Zen Masters, Unite and Write!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

As community building and preparation for the summer, each camp creates a staff-only Facebook group so staff can discuss the upcoming summer, make introductions, and ask for advice from directors and returning staff members on all things camp.

Yesterday, the topic of conversation was laundry—how is it done, who does it, how often, and more.  As the ideas for underwear management were traded back and forth the line, “unless there is a name on it” was repeated over and over.  Though some of the comments were written in jest…there was a slightly desperate undercurrent and tone from many of our returning staff members.

The Klean Karma Laundry has been such a foundational part of camp for so long, that—in our quest to keep its reputation unsullied—we decided we must clean up our acts and seek order and crisp clarity in setting a goal to keep our laundry Karma pure.

This made us think:  how could we create Laundry Nirvana at camp?  Much like the Eightfold Path, we need to have the Right Effort to achieve the Right Mindfulness which is found through Right Concentration.  Laundry truly can be a meditative effort and when we put our minds to making the whole laundry process one of zen-like calm and clarity.  If we can make it so, then we are all able to concentrate on other things….like playing outside.

Though some may say the sword is mightier than the pen, we disagree.  We believe there is nothing more powerful than a Sharpie Rub-A-Dub laundry marker.  And imagine the impact you could have on the lives of countless children, young adults, and weary laundresses if you practice this meditation every laundry day between now and camp:

You stand at the folding table, a content smile on your face, your head is clear of any negative thoughts.  You mindfully lift and fold clothing item after clothing item, noticing your breathing and sending positive energy toward the wearer of the Fruit of the Looms you hold in your hand.  As you inhale, you lift the Sharpie purposefully, intently, and then slowly inscribe the name of the wearer on the smooth elastic band, deeply exhaling as you lift the pen from the cotton.*  Repeat.  If your mind wanders, use the image of a sad counselor lost in a chaotic mountain of unlabeled clothes to help you refocus on your breathing.

Laundry nirvana is achievable if we label mindfully and follow the orderly path to sorting the fresh and folded linens….at least, everyone in the cabin and the unit will be much happier that way.

In closing, we offer you this mantra to chant:  May your karma be forever clean, and may the names on your socks (and your skivvies) be your own.

*Or, if you are more of the contemplative ironing type, may we recommend Mabels Labels or Stuck On You as a great option for helping clothes—and everything else—find their way back to the right owners.

The First Ever Newhoma Mountain and Music Festival

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Moneypenny on the Newhoma stage

We had an incredible weekend at camp with the first ever Newhoma Mountain and Music Festival.

Festivities began early Friday morning with the arrival of vendors and musicians, and ended Sunday afternoon with an fantastic closing set from Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band out of Asheville, NC.

Families, couples and groups of friends all stayed at The Nature Place, rented Big Spring tents, or camped for the duration of the festival.  Delicious food and drink was provided by Amicas, Front Range BBQ, and Bristol Brewing Company.

The music of the festival appealed to all age groups, the groove beats of Saturday’s Tigercity contrasted the rock-a-billy of Friday afternoon’s Henhouse Prowlers, while the electric dance rhythm of Saturday playing Moneypenny mixed well with the down-home bluegrass riffs from the Sunday set of Grass It Up.

On Friday, Paperbird’s gorgeous vocals were followed by The Category Stompers’, led by fiddler Matt Combs, outstanding and flowing technical musicality.  Grayson Capps evening performance had everyone dancing under the moon…but S. Mob and Outformation’s Sam Holt had everyone howling with delight late into the evening.

Saturday began with a hearty dose of Broverdose, followed by the soulful singing of Jen Korte and The Loss.   Colonel Redbone wowed the crowd with their lyricism and rocking melodies.  Listener came back for an encore performance–minus the emblematic washing machine.   Outformation’s final performance, plus Surprise Me Mr. Davis and a rocking set from Oakhurst (with former Big Spring warrior, Max Paley, on mandolin) brought many fans to Florissant for a tremendous Saturday night jam.  Then Daniel Lawrence Walker brought us all, gently, back to earth with his beautiful solo guitar and folk singing.

Moonrise at Newhoma

Take time to sample all of the fantastic bands from Newhoma–they were new to many listeners…and everyone walked away VERY excited by what we had all heard.

Newhoma merchandise is still available.  Check out this post for more information.

Newhoma Music Festival Merchandise Available

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Get your Newhoma merchandise today!

Shipping and tax included in the cost.  Email terryhayden at thenatureplace dot net to place your order.

Please make your checks payable to “COEC” and mail to:

Newhoma Merchandise

PO Box 167

Florissant, CO  80816

All orders will receive a copy of the Newhoma Music Sampler produced in part by Peoples Bank.  We would like to thank People’s Bank, Colorado Outdoor Education Center, Sanborn Western Camps and all of our other tremendous sponsors for their financial support of this festival.

Newhoma T-Shirt: $15 Black or Blue, please specify M or W and Size

Newhoma Truckers Hat: $15 One Size Fits Most

Newhoma Visor: $12 Specify color: Slate or Natural

Newhoma Poster: $15

Newhoma Stickers: $2 each or 3 for $3

A Newhoma Music Sampler: Free with any Newhoma Merchandise Purchase

Don’t Leave Part of Yourself at Camp This Summer!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

A wise woman once said, “Almost everyone who comes to camp leaves a small part of themselves–usually a sock or some underwear.”

At the end of summer, there is always a pile of camper belongings left at camp.

This is an expensive waste for our campers (and their parents!) As a way to target the problem of lost belongings and a large lost and found closet, we are encouraging our campers to label all belongings.

We have partnered with Mabel’s Labels, a company with all types of labels that are colourful, indestructable and fun! With a special ‘Camp Pack’ available and also a larger “Big Combo”, your camper can label absolutely everything!

Go to and then place your order!

We look forward to sending campers home with ALL their belongings this summer!