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Did You Enjoy Your Story?

Monday, January 20th, 2014

I find myself looking out the office window as Jake and Gulliver look back at me through their fish-tank’s glass. I am dreaming, thinking of the adventures that I want to go on and where my life has taken me thus far. The sunset in a Thai rice field, the sight of the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles with a thousand lights, standing, watching the waves of 3 different oceans wash sand over my feet. Snapshots that capture a moment that can’t be replaced or relived.

I close my eyes and they are the shutter, and the longer and tighter I close them, the more engrained I will have that exact image in my head. It’s easy to immerse yourself in a trip, a journey, an expedition, call it what you will. We let moments slip through our fingers and our memories drift the longer we are away from that moment.

I often post things about “enjoying the journey,” but when my pictures can’t get the job done, I have my memories, my stories, those times when I know I was at my finest. It’s important to keep your mind and heart open and ready for the next adventure that is just around the corner.

Where will you go? What will you do? Are you ready?

Check out this beautiful short video of a couple’s journey through Patagonia and Chile: a story for tomorrow.

~Ian Stafford

The Happy Wanderer: David Cumming

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Well, duh — I’m of course still here at Sanborn. But I thought I’d switch things up and feature a blog post from my old Americorps gig in case any Sanborn alum (camper and staff) might be interested in working for the Man ;)

It’s all about finesse when re-seeding grass on a lake in Evergreen.

Here’s an excerpt:

As an AmeriCorps alum, I feel good about the values, more so, than anything else. How to do good, hard work. How to try and understand cultures that are vastly different than my granola hippie way of living. How to be a better friend and brother. How to stay in touch, despite the distance between the people I care the most about. How to do such a small task—cutting a single tree to allow the forest to breathe easy, or screwing in a light bulb—and feel good about the bigger picture at the end of the day, despite the incredibly dense sprawl of Denver. How we are all part of something bigger than ourselves, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can begin to find validity in every single thing we do in this life.

The Happy Wanderer–Ian Stafford

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Ahem…since I am one of the loudest people to grace the hoedown stage/Big spring lodge I feel I must take the floor!

HELLO BLOGOSPHERE!!!! This is your favorite guy to grace the HT arena in a kilt since Mel Gibson did while filming Braveheart! Life is all good for this BS warrior. I am currently working for a company called Bonsai Design INC. building canopy, zip-line, and aerial adventure courses (much like a high ropes course). I spend my days sitting in a harness in the trees setting up cables and pretending to be a squirrel. It is pretty much the greatest thing ever (besides living in the Mountain Cabana)

After working High Trails this past fall I moved to the big city of Seattle. Jackson and I road tripped there and within a week I went from living in Red Cloud North to living in a big city! After networking with some great people and hitting the job search super hard I found nothing. Until I found Bonsai and the work I’m doing now!

I am currently living in Champion, Pennsylvania building a canopy tour at Seven Springs Ski Resort. A canopy tour is a tree based zip-line tour. Bonsai focuses on building in a sustainable style. We reuse materials and build as close to a LNT style as we can. Minimal impact is a huge part of our building practice as well!

Some fun things that are going on in my life are I am going to be working a week of Spring weeks (I can’t help it, I just can’t stay away), I’m going to be the photographer for Stacy and Jeffs wedding, I’m also training for a 7 mile obstacle course race here on the mountain. I’m still trying to climb whenever possible, but not having BC around to go to Shelf every weekend is definitely not as much fun!

Forever and always IZZ!

- Ian Stafford

The Happy Wanderer(s) — Jeff Joyce & Stacy Robinson

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

As much as Jeff and Stacey loved the four-a-week hoedowns at HTOEC, it was time to move along.

Since last fall, the two moved back east to Harrisonburg, Virginia. Stacey began working for the VA hospital as a case manager with a program called “Hand-in Hand.”

Jeff has been working “like a mad-man,” Stacey told me, launching a number of food trucks in northern Virginia. Jeff has three trucks ready to launch by St. Patrick’s Day.

“We just hired a General Manager who is creating the menu and spends his days making food for the first truck – drum roll please … its going to be a chili and mac-n-cheese truck!” Stacey said. “We eat our body weight in mac-n-cheese tasting all the different variations.”

Ahem … commence Chili Dance.

They hope to have 49 trucks (whoa!) over the course of the next few years. And even though it’s a lot of work, they’re excited to embark a creative endeavor.

So what else goes on in rural Harrisonburg? Well …

“Outside that, we have been training for the Shenandoah 100 miler!” Stacey said. “It’s a 100-mile mountain bike race that just very well may be the end of us. It’s in September, so we got some time to beef up and get ready.”

Oh yeah. Almost forgot.

Jeff and Stacey will be getting married on June 9! We shall keep you posted on the two’s big day.

Until then, hands up, chili chili.

(This is part two of a series entitled, “The Happy Wanderer,” which explores what interesting things our Sanborn alum are doing these days.)

The Happy Wanderer — Falcon Craft-Rubio

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

(This is part one of a series entitled, “The Happy Wanderer,” which explores what interesting things our Sanborn alum are doing these days.)

Our fellow Big Spring Warrior, HTOEC teacher, and Art Barn extraordinaire, Falcon Craft-Rubio, headed back to Texas this winter and began an interesting creative company with his family called Bexar Goods Co..
Check out this video where, yes indeed, that’s Falcon hammering away:
I was able to get a hold of this busy bee recently, and he gave me some good perspective on not only his business model, but how Sanborn helped pave the way:

David: This is such an interesting creative field to move into–how excited are you about everything that’s going on? How has this changed things for you?
Falcon: Its an exciting new adventure. It’s been a learning experience. I’ve had a lot of fun designing and becoming more familiar with hand-crafted goods.  We all have enjoyed each step of starting Bexar Goods Co.
D: So how did the whole Bexar operation begin? Out of a dream? Out of the BS craft shop?
F: Bexar Goods was inspired by rugged classic designs . The initial idea was to start with a quality made wallet or bag.  Then expanding on that idea of well made durable products. Bexar Goods is different from a lot because of the quality and promise of our products. We are not a trend based company. Bexar Goods started to create products we wanted to use ourselves. For the active, rugged and adventurous man.
D: What’s been your role thus far, and has this been an entirely new thing for you, and/or what’s been a challenge in starting a whole company?
F: Bexar Goods Co is a collaborative operation along with Christian Craft (brother) and Guy Rubio (cousin).  We equally have had input and creative leadership on each of our diverse products.   Creatively we had no outside help, it was all in the family. We first started with the concept and mission.  Then we created our makers mark that prompted our product and website design. Each Bexar Goods design is an overall group effort to insure that the vision is executed to meet our standards.  What’s great about Bexar Goods is that we build off of each other. I might have an idea for a new product and both Christian and Guy will build on it to make it better.  I work specifically as the one of the craftsman, stitching our carry goods.  As well as designing new products.
D: Where did the name “Bexar” (pronounced “bear”, correct?) come from? And how did it all begin, basically?
F: Its the county we live in. Also has multiple meanings and true to the origin, Bear, Bare, and Bexar. Natural, raw and where we are from.
D: Are there any ideas/skills/dreams that came from Sanborn? Or was this something you started to dream up before you came/in the off months of camp?
F: Sanborn Western Camps is an inspiring place itself and teaches a lot of self discovery and encourages people, young and old to grow and learn about the outdoors. Bexar Goods is a company based on these same principles. We don’t have limitations, we are free to grow in any which way we desire.
D: What makes your company different from anything else out there? (product-wise, materials, vision/mission)
F: Bexar Goods Co. is quality hand-made products that instills the ideas of proud local products that a lot of the bigger corporations claim but not necessarily execute correctly.  Bexar Goods promises each product is individualistic, and built to be handed to the next generation.  The materials we use are of the highest quality and bought locally in America.
D: Would your product outlast a 5-day horse trip/a summer at camp / hail, lightening, hellstorm-proof?
F: Well only if Claude approves. Flashy might put our products to the test.
D: Where do you see yourselves at the end of 2012?
F: We would like to continue making the highest quality products and striving to improve and being well-respected.
D: Do you all make Ella-size (Ryan & Ashley’s) baby tote bags/baby bjorns (Christmas idea)?
F: She can have anything she wants.
D: Anything you would like all your campers (fans) to know?
F: I Zigga Zumba.
D: Any other thoughts on Bexar for now?
F: We wanted to thank Sanborn for supporting our small family business and for being that special place where people can continue to learn and exceed expectations. Thank you for everything , Falcon Craft-Rubio.