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Sanborn Western Camps News Update: July 10, 2011

Monday, July 11th, 2011
Big Spring on Mt. Columbia

Big Spring on Mt. Columbia

Another great week has come to a close.  The boys returned Thursday and Friday from their long trips excited about their adventures. Many of them backpacked through alpine wilderness and climbed some of Colorado’s highest peaks—Mt Elbert and Mt. Massive, La Plata Peak, Mt. Columbia, Pikes Peak, and Mt. Silverheels. One group backpacked and fished in the spectacular Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area for four days while another backpacked along the Colorado Trail for five days.  Committed horseback riders spent the week exploring the rugged terrain on the Black Mountain in South Park or the Puma Hills.

The girls had a full week of all-day trips, and overnight trips including two-day horseback rides, mountain climbs, and technical rock climbing.  They also enjoyed tubing/rafting trips on the South Platte River and challenged themselves at our High Ropes Course.  One exceptional group of hikers climbed Pikes Peak in one day!  After four weeks of hardy outdoor living, the girls were excited to spend Thursday shopping in the resort town of Breckenridge.

The Junior campers enjoyed another super campout, some great hikes, swimming, crafts, archery and tennis as well as an all-day hike to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument followed by the opportunity to dig for their own fossils. They were especially enthusiastic about their all-day rafting trip on the South Platte River.

Some major special events took place this week including the JC Dinner on Monday nigh, the High Trails Talent Show on Wednesday, and  the Miss Sanborn Competition at High Trails on Thursday night.  The theme of the JC Dinner was “Princesses” and each cabinside came in costume and presented a song or skit.   The Miss Sanborn Pageant is a spoof in which campers choose a character for their counselor, dress them, and help them prepare a “talent”.  Contestants this year included The Super Rugby Player, Oscar the Grouch, and Miss Dessert.

Our final weekend has been packed! On Friday evening, Big Spring, High Trails and Sanborn Junior met together for an energetic Hoedown.  Our annual Gymkhana took place on Saturday morning  This series of games on horseback is fun for both the participants and their cheering squads.  On Saturday evening everyone enjoyed the all-camp Drama Presentation, “Harry Potter at Camp ”. On Sunday both camps celebrated their final vespers service.

Tomorrow will bring packing, last-chance activities, closing dinner and closing campfires at each camp.  On Tuesday, we will be sad to see this wonderful group of campers leave.  However, we are looking forward to the arrival of our Second Term campers on Friday.

Until next week…

Camp is NOW

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Camp Builds Authentic Relationships in and through the Outdoors

Time Magazine Editor Nancy Gibbs wrote an article in this week’s Time Magazine called “To the Time Machine!”  As she prepared her daughter for camp she recognized that “the real luxury travel of the modern age is not through space; it’s through time.”  Her daughter, she felt, would be traveling back in time to a simpler age “No wi-fi. No grades.  The world as it was, or maybe just as we imagined it was, 100 years B.S. (before screens)”

Richard Louv, the founder of the Children and Nature movement, and a passionate spokesman for environments such as camp where young people live within the natural world, calls his writings “Field Notes from the Future”.  He believes that humans will learn to achieve a healthy balance between nature and technology and will therefore create stronger communities based on the natural world.

The camp environment is the past and the future, and, perhaps, more than these, camp is Now.  Standing on the summit of a Fourteener, riding a horse through an Aspen grove, tubing on the South Platte River, watching the sunset from Sunday Rocks.  These are intense moments which require us to be wholly in the present.

Summit of Mount Ouray

And maybe that is the greatest activity of all—standing still in time long enough to appreciate the moment.  These are the moments which create memories that really do last a lifetime and provide meaning in life long after the moment has passed.

True Talent

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Lots of talent at High Trails!

At last night’s High Trails Talent and Art Show, our High Trails ladies demonstrated their guitar playing, charcoal sketching, pastel-drawing, popsicle stick building, skit-making, knitting, song singing, hand-building, dance-creating, laughter-inducing, dramatic reading, flash mobbing and piano virtuoso prowess.

All of the 2nd Term Sanborn Juniors shared their talents with the audience. One of those ladies, Claire Lang, read a poem she had written to the group of over 150 people in Heisler Hall. We wanted to share it with you.

Sanborn Poem

What Sanborn has is clear blue skies and pine needles sewing the earth,
with the ground tanning in the sun and campers gathered around a hearth.

Children wish on polished stones that they skip across the lakes,
for the water reflects off into the sky, making the stones into stars, that make sure in the morning the sun wakes.

Claire Reading Her "Sanborn Poem"

With blue mountain sunrise and Colorado fresh air,
you know you’ll always keep that Colorado feeling with you and everywhere.

With dirt trails covered in horseshoe tracks,
and people waiting for the Ninja squirrel to attack.

Lots of moss covered rocks and games to teach,
and the beautiful horizon just beyond your reach.

Wildflowers dancing in the morning breeze,
and counselors laughing so much they’re about to sneeze.

With yellow finches flying on golden rays,
and starlight streaming throughout all of your days.

But what Sanborn has is Familyhood,
bunched all together in one big wood.

-Claire Lang, age 10

Impressive and Impressionistic Works at the HT Art Show

Familyhood. We couldn’t say it better ourselves. Thank you, Claire.

Growing Stronger

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

We CAN Do It Together!

Over the past few weeks, the GROW STRONG initiative at High Trails has given shape and purpose to some of the life skills our young women and girls learn at camp.

Though GROW STRONG is a lengthy acronym (Growing Responsibility in Our World; a Sisterhood Transforming and Renewing Our Never-ending Growth) that speaks volumes about what we accomplish each and every summer at High Trails, this summer we also had specific weekly traits and characteristics the staff have been teaching, emphasizing, and celebrating with each girl at camp.

Our “Words of the Week” or WOW words represent some of the myriad attributes a child gains while at camp.  These skills are essential for community living, appreciation of others, and the development of a secure, healthy sense of self.

Random Acts of Kindness: Helping Carry the Saddle into the Barn

The first week of camp focused on Courage, Flexibility, and Kindness.  We recognized returning campers who were inclusive and kind to new members of their cabin communities.  We helped others see flexibility as a trait that allows groups to reach consensus when establishing guidelines for community living or just being open to trying new foods in a new place.  We celebrated (and continue to celebrate) those moments when our campers make courageous choices: whether taking an unpopular, but necessary, stand when sticking to the expectations or by just pushing themselves by signing up for trips and activities which push them beyond their comfort zones.  We witnessed small acts of kindness everyday: girls coming to the lodge to get board games to help distract a slightly homesick friend, a cabinside setting the tables for the AC’s, older campers carrying weary younger campers on their backs during the Adventure Race, and a thousand others.

Our second week of camp had us developing Empathy, Friendship, and Initiative.  As the girls took the outdoor skills they had learned on their cabinside overnights and applied them to horse pack trips, 14,000 foot mountain climbs, SOLE/CORE experiences,  and more, they also built and practiced the social skills necessary for making and keeping friends from different age groups, cabinsides, and countries.  Developing quality friendships requires a high degree of empathy, or putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and nowhere else is empathy modeled and practiced more than at camp.  While you are trying to climb a mountain, lug a heavy pack, or work with a stubborn horse, the support and caring that emanates from the High Trails staff and campers makes you feel celebrated, appreciated and understood in a way that only seems to happen at camp.  With this kind of empathetic support and understanding, it is no wonder that our campers are motivated and full of initiative: from doing their part during cabin clean-up to helping lead a group on a hike to being the creative force behind the evening skit, we witness our camper’s initiative in countless ways every day.

Working Our Way Up Ouray, Summer 2011

During our long trip week, we sought Resilience, Generosity, and Integrity.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back from hardship, and many a trip last week experienced challenges.  The snowpack was deep and not only created necessary route changes, it actually forced full itinerary changes for some of the trips.  The girls not only embraced the changes, but made the most of the new adventures: they were some of the most successful long trips in recent memory.  The campers and staff were generous with themselves and their skills in large and small ways.  Our Junior Counselors took on significant leadership roles on many trips: they helped navigate, motivate, and create outstanding experiences…and were incredibly generous with their outdoor skills, spirit, and hilarious stories.  Campers were able to see, first hand, what integrity looks like as they watched their trip leaders share leadership roles throughout the week.  Staff were honest and open with campers when hard decisions—like not summiting due to weather– had to be made;  campers learned that personal integrity, from knowing what food I have in my pack for which meal to staying attentive and focused while “hawking” the horses, is integral to earning respect and leads to more opportunities for leadership and autonomy.

THE Pirate Overnight, Summer 2011

And, finally , during our last week, we hope to acknowledge many small (and large) instances of good Communication, Imagination, and a more developed Self-Confidence in each and every one of our High Trails campers and staff members.  Lela Payne (Ridge Leader for Ponderosa and Silver Spruce) led a wildly successful Pirate Overnight during the second week of camp.  This overnight exemplified everything that IS creativity and imagination.  The campers built a pirate ship in High Tor, successfully survived attacks from evil marauders, and spent most of the overnight in some sort of “free play.”  The sequel, like all good pirate tales, is coming this week—and promises to be even MORE imaginative and fun than the last.  Good communication means we speak to each other with respect and caring because we know that our time together is short, so we need to listen and understand as much as we need to speak and think.  And, finally, the self-confidence our campers will leave with next Tuesday will help them navigate the challenges of tweendom, adolescence, college, and beyond.

Summit Success!

Through our Silent Trails, cabin conversations, moments stargazing and more, there have been many opportunities to share and hear how camp has positively influenced these girls and young women.  With our GROW STRONG necklaces, leaves, and charms we hope each one of the girls will be able to speak to you about how SHE grew stronger this summer…and how those experiences will make her stronger in the future, too.

News Update: July 3rd, 2011

Monday, July 4th, 2011

We have had another great week at camp!  Big Spring, High Trails and Sanborn Junior celebrated the Fourth of July with a Carnival and Sports Themed Dance on Saturday afternoon and evening. The many booths and events at the Carnival included cotton candy, dunk tank, Frisbee toss, water balloon launching, inner tube relays, popcorn, bubble gum blowing, and much, much, more.

Long trips at High Trails returned Thursday and Friday exuberant about their adventures and accomplishments. The four-day Elbert-Massive Backpack climbed 14,443’ Mt. Elbert and 14,421’ Mt. Massive (Colorado’s two highest peaks). The Colorado Trail five-day trip backpacked 25 miles along the Continental Divide and climbed 14,077’ Mt. Columbia. The four-day Pikes Peak backpack reached the top of that famous Fourteener on Thursday. Despite running into significant snow remaining from a record snowfall in the Colorado high country last winter, the Leavick Valley trip came very close to the summit of 13,748’ Mt. Sheridan. The Buffalo Peaks four-day backpack reached the top 13,326’ West Buffalo Peaks, and the four-day Oxford/Belford backpack trip summited both 14,153’ Mt. Oxford and 14,197’ Mt. Belford. The girls on the four-day backpack trip in the beautiful Tarryall Mountains were elated by their experience. The four- and five-day horse trips had a great time exploring wilderness areas south and west of camp.

Big Spring campers enjoyed many exciting overnight and all-day trips last week including climbs of Pikes Peak (14,115’), La Plata Peak (14,361’), Mt. Ouray (14,000), and Mt. Princeton (14,361’). The boys also had fun on horseback overnights, river trips, canoe all-days and overnights, technical rock climbing overnights, a mountain biking overnight, a Sonoran Desert overnight, and fishing all-days and overnights.

The Second Term of Sanborn Junior campers arrived Tuesday; they have been enthusiastic and energetic about their activities this week. They had outstanding overnight campouts on Thursday night and have also enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, crafts, hikes and nature programs at the Interbarn. Their group photos have now been posted on the website with the tent and cabinside photos.

Next week, Big Spring will head out on three-, four-, and five-day backpacking trips, mountain climbs and horse-pack trips. High Trails has a variety of overnights and all-days planned including an all-camp trip to the resort town of Breckenridge on Thursday. Sanborn Junior campers are looking forward to another campout, more horseback riding, an all-day tubing trip on the South Platte River, and an all-day hike to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

Until next week…

News and Views: Insights from High Trails

Sunday, June 26th, 2011


At Sanborn, each cabin side has a 15-17 year old JC. We get a few hours a week to just hang out with them and have fun doing whatever we want to.  During the month, our JC’s kinda become like older sisters, best friends, someone to look up to and love. Over the years, you never get two JC’s that are the same. Having a JC is a great experience!! –Millie E.

As someone who never got the chance to experience an overnight camp, coming to Sanborn to work as a counselor seemed like the next best thing. Turns out, I was right…I always like it when that happens. While I’ve only been in Colorado for three weeks, I’ve already experienced countless adventures. I’ve gone on dozens of hikes, seen beautiful views of the Colorado mountains, run into two bears and have even survived sharing a cabin with 10, nine and 10-year-olds. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer will bring. –Kelly M

At Camp Sanborn I learned about friendship and courage. My friends showed me that friendship is kindness, trustworthiness, and being respectful! My counselors taught me that courage means taking risks and succeeding in life. Here, Sanborn has different words throughout the week to help us grow strong. These powerful words push us to all be better girls. –Kelsey M.

At camp today, I went to the Art Barn and made dream catchers and journals in the morning. I like how you can go to the Art Barn whenever you want and make any craft. What I’ve really enjoyed about camp so far was the all day river trip. When we went there we got a chance to inter-tube down a river through some rapids! It was really fun and I want to do it again! Nicolette M.

My most favorite thing in Sanborn is riding horses! Love horses, my favorite horse would be Ruby. I like loping and trail riding. I’m going on a horse long trip. It’s going to be fun! I hope to get to ride Ruby, then I could feed her, brush her and do all kinds of stuff! I really like doing farm chores like feeding, brushing and mocking. The wranglers are my favorite people. Someday I want to be a wrangler! –Sera C.

I love Sanborn because it’s very beautiful. You’re allowed to do anything that you want to do. Overnights and long trips are great experiences and teach you a lot about the outdoors. Having something at morning, afternoon and in the evening keeps us busy and entertained. You make so many amazing friends here, too. Sanborn is an amazing camp . –Mariah L.

I love Sanborn because it has a lot of free choice activities. Most campers like to be able to choose what they do every day, which is why Sanborn is so great. People sign up for a different activity each morning and afternoon which is good for giving a variety of activities for a camper to try. My personal favorite activity is the pool. With Sanborn’s free choice activities I am able to go to the pool all of the time. –Molly A.

Sanborn Western Camps! I love camp! Because…it’s fun! You get to do lots of great activities like river rafting, hiking and meeting new people. Getting to know other people is such a great experience and learning how to agree on something with another person that you don’t typically get along with is truly remarkable. You get to learn how to live with all sorts of different people that you HAVE to respect. –Shea N.


At Sanborn, we hike a lot to be fit. In our free time we play sports like swimming, soccer and nuke ‘em. We have tons of official activities that include tennis, swimming, hiking and field games. Every session, both Big Spring Boys Camp and High Trails do, “Hike the Pike,” to walk as many miles as they can to make money for charity. The nurses here are also very nice. They take very good care of us here at High Trails. happy at High Trails

There is a salad bar that you can get, and there’s always a bowl of apples and oranges for a healthier snack. The meals are balanced and healthy. This helps us keep up the energy we need for other Sanborn experiences. Our amazing cooks help to prepare us for the day. Sometimes they even come out for a, “Cook’s parade,” where they walk outside of the kitchen to wave at everyone at the tables.


For our cabin side overnight in Ponderosa East, we went to Tie Cabin. It was a full moon so we slept outside. In the middle of the night we decided to pull a prank on a good friend and dragged her a couple of feet from our campsite. She didn’t wake up so we decided to take her out of her sleeping bag…but THEN she woke up. Now she is planning her revenge…who knows what will come next in Ponderosa E. –Taylor C and Sarah D.


As I walked into my cabin and sat down on my bed, I saw animal droppings but I didn’t know what it was. Later on more droppings started to appear. I told the counselors and we found out that there was an animal in our cabin! We looked all over but couldn’t find it. Then the droppings stopped appearing and we figured that the animal had somehow escaped. We don’t know what it was but we think it was a Ninja Squirrel.  Some people though think it was an Indonesian Bear-Squirrel named Bob. –Taylor C and Sarah D.

Camp Game of the Week: Dip

One of my favorite games to play at camp is called Dip. The way Dip works is that everyone circles up and one person starts by pointing and saying to another person, “Dip, dip, dip, dip.” Then the two people surrounding that person turn towards the person the last person had just pointed to and say, “Dipity, dipity, dipity, dip.” While those two say that, the person who had been pointed to points to another person and says, “dip, dip, dip, dip.” It’s really fun and the first person to mess up loses! I love to play this game.

High Trails Adventures: Posts from High Trails Campers

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

In a recent post, staff writers provided a list of common terms that your campers will use liberally as they regale you with tales of their summer adventures.  Please feel free to refer to this guide when reading the following posts written by some of our High Trails campers…it will provide context and humor :) -The Editor

Today I made bubbles at the Interbarn. We explored with what you can make bubbles out of. It was proven that you can make bubbles out of loops of string, rubber bands, and straw. I was also proven that you cannot blow bubbles out of scissor holes. Make sure you stop by the Interbarn! -Carrie Ellsworth

So, this past two days, I’ve been on the pirate overnight. So the pirate overnight is this mission that pirates do. We hiked over to Blackbeard Cove [aka upper High Tor] and built a boat to sail to Skeletal Isle [aka back to camp] and steal the treasure [aka the store] and eat it all. So, the hike there took about 30 minutes, probably less and we set up tents in a very short time. It was really fun because it wasn’t really hard and I felt really comfortable. But then we had all these scraps of wood and a little bit of a bed and a half of a bed. We built a “boat” but it looked really cool. It had an upper deck and a lower deck and the lower deck had a door attached to it so we could go in and out of the bottom. We had an amazing dinner of pita pizzas and I literally couldn’t get enough of it! I stayed up with a friend and wrote a story with her-don’t be surprised if it ends up on a best seller rack. :) I had a really good night sleep and candy and soda when I got back. It was definitely the best overnight of this year. -Lauren Eriksen

So, today, most overnights have come back. The pirate overnight that was lead by Lela got to build a pretty awesome pirate ship. When we came back we got a treasure chest filled with soda and candy. Most of the credit goes to Lela, who has been looking forward to building a totally legit pirate ship. I loved that overnight and recommend it to everyone else. I love camp! -Sammie Fraime

I love Sanborn because we get to do so many different activities. We go canoeing, mountain climbing, go to dances, and just about everything else. The food is really good. Everybody is nice and welcoming, especially the counselors. I met some of my best friends here at camp. I love Sanborn! -Janie

Sanborn Western Camps is an awesome camp. The food is good. We have a different meal every day of the week. My cabin is awesome. Janey, Sam, and Lauren are three great friends. The activities ROCK! I do something different every day. [Sometimes I'm at the pool all day because I don't feel like being active at the moment] Then, the dances are on Saturday, and those are awesome ‘cuz they blare music and flash lights. Well, that’s Sanborn! -Kailey M

I have been at High Trails for about four weeks now, and it has been full of excitement. The girls have been here for almost two weeks, so camp is in full swing. Cabinside overnights have passed, all days have been experienced, and activities are going on left and right. We are going at full speed around here! I cannot explain how truly blessed I feel to be working in such a beautiful place with such special people. -Claire P

My favorite thing at Sanborn is the river all day. You can go swimming, tubing, or just laying out. It can be super fast with waterfalls and five feet deep or it can be calm and three inches. You can cross the river or you can just swim. I like the tubing best cause it’s very fun. When you lay out you can sleep, read, write letters, and much more. The river all day is super fun. -Taylor Chapple

I love Sanborn because it is a chance to do different things at one place and I like the stuff we do that I can’t do at home. The food is good and has different varieties of food. For examples, grilled cheese, eggs, muffins, vegetables, meats, and cereal. When I went on the river all day I had a blast because we went tubing on the river and played games and read. We had really nice counselors so they could help us by the river and in the river. Art is one of my favorite subjects because I can make a lot of stuff in the Arts and Crafts barn. -Caroline Atkeson

I like Sanborn because there are a lot of things to do that I can’t do at home. Like horseback riding and hiking. And you get to spend an entire month with your friends in your cabin. You can also go on long trips and that’s fun because you get to camp out in tents with your friends. I love Sanborn Western Camps. -Sarah Demane

Sanborn Western Camps is a fabulous coed camp. There are two different campuses High Trails [for girls] and Big Spring [for guys]. They have many great activities like rock scrambling in places like A bluff, B bluff, and C bluff, bouldering in the bouldering gym, many dance parties, incognito hikes, swimming, different coed drama [Which I am in], coed art, horseback riding, and Teckrock. Later that day we have dances. Sunday we do nothing. In the morning we have a buffet then we hang out with our JC then we have a buffet for lunch then we hang out with our JC then another buffet for dinner. Sanborn rocks. -Taylor Crossen

Camp News Update: June 26, 2011

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

What a busy week we’ve had!  On Monday-Tuesday and again on Thursday-Friday both Big Spring and High Trails had a wide variety of overnight and all-day trips on and off the Ranch.  A number of campers chose overnight horse trips while others went mountain biking, rock climbing, mountain climbing or canoeing.  Still others enjoyed tubing on the South Platte River, hiked on the west side of Pikes Peak, and fished for trout at Lost Lake. Some of our older campers chose the challenging and service-oriented SOLE (Sanborn Outdoor Learning Experience) and CORE (Community Outreach Experience) programs for the week—some worked with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative doing trail work on Mt. Elbert, while others hiked the Colorado Trail.  Two groups chose a rock climbing experience while three groups selected a horseback riding 5-day, all of which included service components.

On Wednesday, the boys enjoyed a Unit All-Day where each living group selected an activity to do together—fishing, horseback riding, games, the fossil beds, rock scrambling.  The girls had an active in-camp program as well as additional all-day trips.

The Juniors demonstrated outstanding outdoor skills when they camped out on Monday night at High Trails and Thursday night at Big Spring –they are experienced outdoors people by now!  High Trails Juniors had a great time tubing on the South Platte River on Thursday while the boys had fun on their Bat Caves/Fossil Beds All Day on Wednesday.  The Explorers and Mavericks were excited about their all-day horseback ride while the Pioneers and Roughriders saddled up for half-day rides.  Both groups also had time for swimming, crafts and Interbarn activities. We were sad to see this wonderful group of campers leave today but are grateful for our time together.  We look forward to greeting our Second Session Junior campers on Tuesday.

Highlights of the week’s evening programs at High Trails included a Crazy Utensil Mystery Dinner,  Silent Trails, a “Just Glow with It All Camp Sunset Hike” and a Drive-In Movie on the Lodge Lawn.  Big Spring had fun with “A Minute to Win It” and “How Well Do You Know Your Counselor? Nights, as well as games in the field and a Unit Activities Night..  Both camps enjoyed the “Hike the Pike” walk for charity on Saturday afternoon and the dance on Saturday Night.

Next week the girls will leave camp for three-, four- and five-day trips.  Some will head out on horse pack trips; others have chosen four- and five-day high mountain backpacks into some of Colorado’s most pristine wilderness.  Other trips will be based in spectacular alpine areas like the Buffalo Peaks and Leavick Valley near Fairplay.  Many groups will have the opportunity to climb mountains.

Big Spring has planned an exciting program of overnights and all-day trips including mountain climbing trips to Pikes Peak, Mt. Princeton, Mt Ouray, Mt. Shavano and Tabeguache Mountain. The boys will also be horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping on the ranch and canoeing.  Their “long trips” are scheduled for the week of July 4.

Until next week….

A Parent’s Guide to a Sanborn Camper’s Letter

Friday, June 24th, 2011

SANBORNISMS: Over the years many words have crept into the camp language that are not found in Webster’s. If you are receiving letters from a camper this summer, here are a few definitions to help you with translation.

ABLE WAITERS. Campers at Big Spring who choose to come to each meal 30 minutes early, eat early, and then serve food to other campers when the main meal starts. Benefits include an excellent salary (chits which may be used at the camp store); special treatment from the cooks; and a high degree of prestige. MABLES are the servers at High Trails and everyone takes a turn. Benefits are the same.

ASSISTANT COUNSELORS. Commonly called ACs, these staff members wash the dishes after each meal and keep camp buildings clean. They also work in many areas of the camp program and add a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to every aspect of the camp community.

BOMBER. A long, day hike which can be chosen from the trip sign up sheet and sometimes from the in-camp program. These hikes range in length from 5-25 miles and cover a lot of beautiful territory. Near the end of the term there is even a Bomber Hike to climb Pikes Peak offered to older campers.

CHIT. The currency at Sanborn Camps, chits are accepted at the camp stores. They may be earned by excellence in tent or cabin clean-up, able or mabel waiting, and a variety of other good deeds.

CHIPPY DIPPY BARS. A delicious chocolately homemade dessert.

FLUBBER. A magical substance which is a solid one minute, a liquid the next. Named after the amazing goo which starred in several Walt Disney movies, this stuff is lots of fun to experiment with.

GORP. A high energy trail snack which is used on camp trips.  It usually consists of M&M’s, raisins, and peanuts although creative trip leaders may also add granola and other special treats.

INTERBARN, THE. A large science center located between Big Spring and High Trails, the Interbarn houses fun, creative displays like the giant walk-in replica of a living cell and the Talking Rock. A lot of fun activities take place here during the summer—including flubber-making bubble-blowing, “Mad Scientists”, hot air balloon making and much more.

JUNIOR COUNSELORS. Commonly called “JCs”, these are the oldest campers at High Trails. In addition to participating in an advanced activity program, their program includes leadership training and opportunities.  OUTBACKERS are the same campers at Big Spring.

RIDGE LEADER. A senior staff member who supervises several tents/cabins. They are here to support staff and campers, lead trips, organize program areas, and many other behind the scenes jobs.

SCHMERLTZ “THE WORLD’S GREATEST GAME”. Invented at Big Spring, in the 1950s, this game which began with socks packed with dirt has achieved fame as the “Foxtail” game which is now commercially sold. Although we’ve replaced the dirt with a ball, we still use a sock. Two teams face each other on the playing field and throw the schmertlz toward a goal — there are a wide variety of ever-changing rules — but it is always “the world’s greatest game”!

SIERRA CUP. A metal cup with a handle which is used on camping trips for eating and drinking. Easy to clean and carry, it is the only dish you’ll ever need!

VESPERS or SUNDAY ROCKS. On Sundays Big Spring and High Trails each hike to a high point to watch the sunset, reflect on the week, sing songs, and share inspirational quotes. This is a non-sectarian service that celebrates camp values and the beauty of the natural world.

WRANGLER. A staff member who specializes in teaching horseback riding. They lead great horse trips and are exceptionally good at helping everyone from beginning to advanced riders improve their horsemanship skills. They are renowned culinary artists of the back-country.

Written by High Trails Campers

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

packing up for cabinside overnights

A few days back so of our ladies took a morning to write about their cabinside overnight adventures! I’m sure the adventures that have occurred during the last few days will be written about as well. So check back, and happy reading!

My overnight was very exciting! Our hike was very exhausting, but when we got to horse pasture it was a very nice place. I personally love the overnight food, ham and cheese bagels, pita pizzas, no bake Oreo cheesecake and breakfast crepes with peanut butter, brown sugar and chocolate chips, YUM! Sleeping under the stars is very relaxing, seeing the constellations and a full moon. Sanborn High Trails is very fun with lots of adventures and making new friends.
Anonymous Cedar Lodge West Camper

Dear Journal,
The canbinside overnight was very fun! It took us two hours to get there, but it was worth it. We all slept outside and nobody got cold. The food was good. We went on an awesome hike. You could take nice pictures from the top of the hill! It was fun!!!
By Hannah

Sanborn is awesome. You get yummy food, and get to do fun things. All of the girls are nice.

Yesterday, Cedar Lodge East hiked to Horse Pasture. When we first arrived, we found the spine, ribs, skull, shoulder bones, hip bones, and one leg of a dead deer. It was fascinating. We played many games, hung out, and had pita pizzas for dinner. At night, we slept out under the stars, and there was a full moon. We saw the Big Dipper, and the moon looked beautiful. The next morning we had crepes for breakfast, packed up our backpacks and made sure we left no trace. The entire cabinside bonded, and the experience was unforgettable.
By Dana C.

Overnight – Our overnight was really fun. We all slept underneath the stars. We had an hour long hike there and when we got there, we spend most of our time playing games. Then, we had pita pizzas. Overall, our overnight was REALLY fun!

High Trails is in Sanborn Western Camps. I am in Cedar Lodge West, which is the oldest cabin on the North Ridge of High Trails. My cabin is ¼ of a mile away from the lodge. Even though my cabin is far away from the lodge. I love it!
By Kelsey M.

Hey Everyone!
Today is the 16th of June and everyone just got back from their overnights. My cabin, Kinnikinnik East, went to Potts Springs. It was very dusty, but everyone had a really good time. We put on Henna, told riddles, and for the first time, we actually have a really good song for our skit. This afternoon I was supposed to go on a hike to Witchers to rock scramble and get more miles for the 50 mile club. After I write this I am going to eat some ice cream!
Love, Abby K.

Hi everybody. My name is Emma Williams, and I’m from Kinnikinnik East. Today is the fourth full day of camp. Last night, we went on our cabinside overnight. Kinnikinnik East hiked to Potts Springs. We put on Henna tattoos and made up our skit for skit night tonight. We also played a bunch of games and did riddles. Our counselors are Pippa and Darcy, our AC is Liat, and our JC is Lane. I had a lot of fun with everybody and I’m so excited for the rest of camp!

By Emma W.

My cabinside over night was AWESOME! The hike was long. Our backpacks seemed heavy, but it was worth the hike. We had so much fun! We played Capture the Flag, Taridactle, Mafia, and 2Truths and a lie. For dinner we had Mac and Cheese and Chicken. GOOD! There was this house that my friend and I changed in. The rest of my cabin scared us by making noises. Our whole side of the cabin slept outside. We also danced in the moon shadow. It might sound weird but it is fun! Then we went to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw 2 shooting stars. It was AWESOME! When we woke up we are breakfast then went on the hike back. YEA! It was fun!
By Ame Frank-Baca

All ready to go!

Hi, my name is Jaime. Today is the 5th day of camp. Yesterday was our cabinside overnight. We got really dirty. We put henna on, it’s so cold! I got a heart and a flower. We wrote a song for our skits tonight. We changed the words of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. We played so many games and solved many riddles. It’s been such a fun time so far.
By Jaime T.