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News from Camp

Monday, July 30th, 2012

July 29, 2012

We have had a great weekend in camp after incredible adventures last week.  On Friday morning, three groups from High Trails summited three different Fourteeners:  Mt. Shavano, Mt. Antero, and Quandary Peak.  We also had many great horseback adventures, rock climbing, canoeing, tubing on the river, and much more.

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated the Olympics with a coed Olympic Carnival Extravaganza.   While our events were not exactly the same as those being showcased in London, it was a lot of fun (and we did have cotton candy, sno-cones, and popcorn!)  This was followed by a Superhero Dance in the evening.  Check-out our photos to see some of the creative costumes.

This afternoon, High Trails had a banana split party and also packed for long trips.  These three-, four-, and five-day trips leave Monday and Tuesday for many alpine locations in the central Rockies.  We plan to backpack many miles, climb many mountains, and enjoy the beauty of some of Colorado’s most spectacular wilderness areas.  In addition, four different horse trips will head out into the scenic ranching country to our West.

Big Spring also spent part of today packing for many overnight and all-day trips this week.  The boys have mountain climbs on the agenda as well as rock-climbing trips, river overnights, fishing overnights,  many camping trips on our property and a two-day trip to the high Sonoran Desert near Canyon City.

We were happy to welcome our fourth term Sanborn Junior campers today.  They are already forming their living communities and making new friends.  This week both the boys and the girls will be horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and enjoying their first overnight camp-out.

Our photographers are loading new photos from the week on our website tonight—they will be available tomorrow morning.  We’ll post another update on Wednesday!

The Staff of Big Spring ’12: Juniors

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Jon Weiser

Nickname: “Weis Guy”
Cabin: Massive
Hails from: Chicago, IL
Schooling: Studying Environmental Policy at Colorado College
Years at Sanborn: 9th Year
Favorite Fruit: Banana
Best Skill: Singing like Diana Ross
Most exotic place I’ve visited: Tierra del Fuego
Favorite Shampoo Scent: Ocean Breeze
Biggest Fear: Crocodiles and Alligators
Favorite Disney Character: Russell (the boy from “Up”)
Strange Habit: I only sleep on my left side
Favorite Circus Performer: Trapeze artist
Dream Adventure: Backpacking across Southeast Asia
Biggest Influence: Sam, my friend
Silly Fact: Had tonsils removed twice.
Most excited about this summer: Spending time with the Massive Mavericks.
Favorite Quote: “It’s a great day for hockey.” -Bob Johnson

Jake Gulliver

Cabin: Massive
Hails from: Tempe, Arizona
Schooling: Studying Life at Arizona State University
Years at Sanborn: 1st Year
Favorite Fruit: Tangelos because they’re always a surprise, usually a delicious surprise.
Best Skill: Drinking massive amounts of coffee
Favorite movie: Badlands
Favorite Shampoo Scent: Strawberry-Mint
Biggest Fear: Falling into a ravine
Favorite Disney Character: Pluto
Strange Habit: I like the taste of plastic.
Favorite Circus Performer: The elephant
Dream Adventure: Exploring all that Alaska has to offer.
Biggest Influence: Taylor Swift
Silly Fact: If you have to ask, you haven’t met me.
Most excited about this summer: Hanging out in beautiful Colorado and opening kids’ minds to the wonder of Nature.
Favorite Quote: “What doesn’t kill you probably hurts an awful lot.”

Max Gurley

Cabin: Massive
Hails from: Louisville, Kentucky
Schooling: Studying at the University of Louisville
Years at Sanborn: 2nd Year
Best Skill: Beat-boxing
Favorite movie: Forrest Gump
Most exotic place you’ve visited: Egypt
Favorite Shampoo Scent: Irish Spring
Biggest Fear: The Unkown
Favorite Disney Character: Simba (from “The Lion King”)
Strange Habit: I’m very organized.
What you’d be in a circus act: The circus freak.
Dream Adventure: Trying through the rainforest to find exotic animals.
Biggest Influence: My grandmother.
Silly Fact: I have webbed toes.
Most excited about this summer: Opening my mind and meeting new people.
Favorite Quote: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Zach Smith

Cabin: Massive
Hails from: Parker, Colorado
Schooling: Creative Writing Major at Colorado College
Years at Sanborn: 1st Year
Favorite Fruit: Star fruit because of it’s unique shape.
Best Skill: Dislocating my shoulders
Favorite movie: Winter’s Bone
Most exotic place you’ve visit: Alpine Valley near Mt. Sherman
Favorite Shampoo Scent: Anything “Tropical”
Biggest Fear: Loneliness
Favorite Disney Character: Woody (from “Toy Story”)
Strange Habit: I love eating black licorice.
Favorite Circus Performer: The elephant tamer
Dream Adventure: Touring Iceland on a magic carpet.
Biggest Influence: My parents
Silly Fact: I once dyed my hair purple with a not-so “temporary” spray.
Most excited about this summer: The Juniors.
Favorite Quote: “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Jackie Robinson

Parker Lyman

Cabin: Redcloud
Hails from: Fort Collins, Colorado
Schooling: Studying it all at Colorado State University
Years at Sanborn: 1st Year
Favorite Fruit: Peaches because they’re delish.
Best Skill: Snowboarding
Favorite movie: No Country for Old Men
Most exotic place you’ve visited: Spain, England, Wales, and France
Favorite Shampoo Scent: Whatever cleans my hair
Biggest Fear: Drowning
Favorite Disney Character: Buzz Lightyear
Strange Habit: Using words out of contacts [sic].
What you’d be in a circus act: The World’s Tallest Midget
Dream Adventure: Traveling the world in a hot air balloon.
Biggest Influence: My mommy.
Silly Fact: Me
Most excited about this summer: Everything Sanborn
Favorite Quote: “Never a borrower nor a lender be.” -William Shakespeare

Gianin Bardill

Nickname: “G”
Cabin: Redcloud
Hails from: Pany, Switzerland
Schooling: Studying Education at PHGR in Switzerland
Years at Sanborn: 1st Year
Favorite Fruit: Nectarin
Best Skill: I speak Swiss-German
Favorite movie: The Green Mile
Most exotic place you’ve visited: Colorado
Favorite Shampoo Scent: Woody woods
Biggest Fear: What is “fear”?
Favorite Disney Character: Dumbo
Strange Habit: Biting my skin.
What you’d be in a circus act: The clown
Dream Adventure: To go BASEjumping.
Biggest Influence: My dad.
Silly Fact: My hat.
Most excited about this summer: Seeing how camps in America differ from camps in Switzerland.
Favorite Quote: “Wer geduld nat und hann warten, dem bluhen die Rosen im garten.” -Translation coming…

Kyle Kotzman

Cabin: Redcloud
Hails from: Kansas City, Kansas
Schooling: “Rock Chalkin’” from University of Kansas as a recent graduate.
Years at Sanborn: 2nd Year
Favorite movie: The Patriot
Most exotic place you’ve visited: An island off the coast of Belize
Biggest Fear: Lions, tigers, and bears. (Oh, my!)
Favorite Disney Character: Rafiki
Strange Habit: Not completely filling out my Staff Bio.
Dream Adventure: Bushwhacking through the Amazon Rainforest in search of undiscovered tribes.
Biggest Influence: Coach White and Ms. Kincaid
Silly Fact: The word “hello” was invented because no one knew how to start a telephone conversation.
Most excited about this summer: Going on adventures with the Redcloud Roughriders
Favorite Quote: “Dont’ stop, won’t stop.”

Paul Guinn

Cabin: Redcloud
Hails from: Lafayette, Louisiana
Schooling: Stufying Finance at Louisiana State University
Years at Sanborn: 1st Year
Favorite Fruit: Pineapple because it’s like a pine cone only delicious!
Best Skill: Swimming
Favorite movie: Almost Famous
Most exotic place you’ve visited: South Africa
Favorite Shampoo Scent: Clean Breeze
Biggest Fear: Drowning
Favorite Disney Character: Mickey Mouse
Strange Habit: Can’t sleep with any light on.
What you’d be in a circus act: Lion Tamer
Dream Adventure: Backpacking across South America
Biggest Influence: My dad
Silly Fact: I won biggest tongue at my high school all four years.
Most excited about this summer: Living and working in the mountains.
Favorite Quote: “All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” -Bob Dylan

Palmer Hilton

Nickname: “The all seeing eye!”
Role at camp: Junior Ridgeleader
Hails from: Las Vegas, Nevada
Schooling: Studying History and Political Science at Becknell University
Years at Sanborn: 3rd Year
Favorite Fruit: Peaches because of the movie “Holes”.
Best Skill: I can fly…
Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski
Most exotic place you’ve visited: Scotland
Favorite Shampoo Scent: Peppermint
Biggest Fear: James Nicoll (STUW Counselor)
Favorite Disney Character: Simba
Strange Habit: I hibernate during the winter months.
What you’d be in a circus act: The guy getting shot out of the cannon.
Dream Adventure: Backpacking up (or down) the California coastline.
Biggest Influence: My high school history teacher.
Silly Fact: I used to be a T-Rex.
Most excited about this summer: Leading the Junior Program
Favorite Quote: “Don’t hesitate or allow yourself to make excuses. Just get out and do it. Just get out and do it. You will be very, very glad that you did.” -Alexander Supertramp

News from Camp

Friday, July 27th, 2012

We had some great trips on Monday and Tuesday, including our first mountain climb of the session!  A very excited and proud group from High Trails reached the summit of 14,265’ Quandary Peak early Tuesday morning.  Many campers spent two days in the saddle on horse overnights while others camped out on the Ranch for the Wild Things Overnight and the Gourmet Overnight.

Our SOLE and CORE trips are having a lot of fun and challenging themselves on their 5-day adventures.  Two SOLE Mountain trips are working with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative this week, doing trail maintenance on one of our “Adopt-A-Peak” mountains in Missouri Gulch.  The CORE rock climbing trips have been climbing at our Wild Goat Mountain Site and the CORE Mountain Bike trip has ridden many miles on the camp trails.  The SOLE and CORE Horse Trips have learned a lot about riding and covered some beautiful territory.

Today, Unit All-days were on the program for campers at Big Spring.  Each living unit chose their own adventure and had a super time.  At High Trails, the girls chose from a variety of all-day trips—River All Day, Mueller Ranch All-Day, Find Your Way Back All-Day, Horse All-Day and many more.  The Sanborn Junior girls hiked through the Bat Caves to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

Our Outbackers and Junior Counselors met up today for a “thrilling” rafting trip on the Arkansas River.  The JCs were at the end of their special three-day trip, while the Outbackers are just beginning their three-days together.  Both groups are visiting the Great Sand Dunes National Monument.

Tomorrow, most of Big Spring and High Trails will be heading out for two-day trips including three more mountain climbs, a Wheeler Trail Backpacking trip, a Puma Hills 2-day, a Canoe Overnight, and several Horse Overnights.

Sadly, our Sanborn Junior campers will be packing tomorrow and taking advantage of last chance activities, in preparation for their departure on Friday.  They have been a wonderful group and we will miss them.

Look for more news on Sunday, as well as photos from the week.

A Tale of Two Peaks

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Harvard/Yale BS 2012

As we sit here in the Rocky Mountains it makes my mind wander. Where do trees come from? Why are milkshakes so delicious? What makes White Mike’s hair grow in such cute yet funny looking curls?

The answer to these questions and more, is you!

After driving the treacherous hour and forty minutes to pick you up from your pick up point it makes me recognize that this world is comprised of all creatures both man made and natural. If you squint at a sunset it looks similar to shining a flashlight in your eyes, if you attempt to eat a pinecone in less than six bites it’s going to make your insides hurt (I know this from personal experience), this is the world. It is your world. And today you are stepping into it not only as men, not only as boys, not only as Big Spring Warriors, but mythical creatures much like a combination of a pegasus, with an ogre’s arms, Jerry McLain’s hair, tarantula fangs, and the heart of a zephyr.

At Big Spring we do many things that literally make the world go round. Sumpings, chants, growing facial hair, and being bold brave warriors. These attributes have culminated here, in this very park, eating this very pizza! We have conquered fears, hunger, thirst, the desire to flirt with that girl at the swings over there, but, alas, we are still here. We are legendary, we are the ones that return with glory!

These mountains were once flat, this grass was once dirt, that sky was once a fish, and we are much like all of those things. We grow, evolve, develop, regress, develop again, scratch our arm pit, and then recognize that we must shape shift. Not in a creepy way like how Will-O turns into a horse, but like Mystique from x-men. This is who we are and it’s to be carried as a true testament of our character, courage, fashion statements, and hygienic values!

I came to this spot to greet you and bring you home, but now I stand here and understand that this is more than just a pick-up, it is a ceremony of life, and I think Ghandi put it best when he said “if I eat anymore rice I’m gonna throw-up on myself” and that is the thought I want to leave you with…I’m proud…humbled…and ready to eat more pizza!

outbacker project: day 2

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Big Spring Pizza Oven — Outbacker Project 2012

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Using recycled materials such as the old concrete rock from the Big Spring pool (the now rock house), mud and straw from Witcher and our rock quarry, and some old roofing and poles from the woodshed, we are able to construct a pretty neat little cob oven here. It will be used for pizza parties, a new Gourmet Overnight camp site and baking/cooking all-days in the future. And did I mention pizza?

big spring vespers

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

“Sometimes,’ said Pooh, ‘the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” ― A.A. Milne

News from Camp

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

July 22, 2012

We had some fabulous all-day trips on Thursday and Friday.  The weather was warm and sunny and the canoeing trips had “the best day ever” at Eleven-Mile Reservoir.  The High Trails Juniors loved their Thursday tubing trip on the South Platte River as did a group of older girls who chose this adventure on Friday.  Several groups climbed on the fabulous rocks at The Crags and Pancake Rocks on the west side of Pikes Peak, and others enjoyed rock scrambling on the camp property.

We had several trips to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, and campers found many leaves and insects at the special digging site we visit after seeing the huge Sequoia Stumps at the Monument.  One girl even found an insect that has not been discovered before at that location!  The Big Spring Junior campers enjoyed this trip on Friday.

High Ropes Course, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Cripple Creek….these were also some of the great trips campers participated in last week.

We have had a full weekend with Saturday Special Activities yesterday morning and Hike the Pike in the afternoon.  For Hike the Pike, campers may choose to hike up to 6 miles, and the camp makes a donation to charity for each mile walked.  Many campers participated and some even did the route twice, walking 12 miles!  Last night we had a coed ice cream social and dance, which was fun for everyone.

Sunday is always a day to clean-up, organize and get ready for upcoming adventures.  Today was warm, so the pools were also very popular places.  Tonight, each camp celebrated our traditional Sunday Rocks service at dusk.

We had a little excitement this weekend with a mother bear and her cub roaming nearby looking for dinner.  Many campers and staff caught a peek of the small brown bear and her tiny baby.  We have been working closely with Colorado Wildlife officers who brought a live trap in order to relocate the pair.  We are also extremely careful to pick up all of our trash three times a day, and this has apparently made all the difference because we have not seen the bears for 48 hours—apparently they have moved on in search of a better diner.

We have a lot going on this week.  Both camps have many overnight and all-day trips this week including mountain climbs, horseback 2-days, Capture the Flag Overnights, River trips, canoe trips and much more.  This is also the week for our SOLE (Sanborn Outdoor Learning Experience) and CORE (Community Outreach Experience) Trips, offered to campers who have completed the 8th and 9th grades.  Campers choose from trips specializing in mountain climbing, horseback riding, technical rock climbing, and mountain biking.  Each 5-day adventure includes a service component as well as a great deal of learning in the chosen activity area.

Our photographers are hard at work uploading this week’s photos to our website.  You can check them out tomorrow morning.  We’ll have another written update next Wednesday.

New from Camp

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

July 18, 2012

Everyone is back in camp tonight after very successful cabinside and unit overnights.  All groups are reporting that they had many adventures and explored some beautiful countryside.  The girls returned yesterday for dinner, and then had a fun evening of Cabinside Skits recounting the high points of their trips.  Today, after a morning in-camp program, the girls had a special afternoon program—the Adventure Relay.  Each team is composed of a girl from every cabin and the teams compete in a variety of fun short camp activities.  It is a wild and crazy afternoon which helps campers get to know girls from the other cabins and helps to build community.

The boys returned from their overnights this afternoon and are looking forward to their skit night tonight.  Tomorrow, both camps will begin some super all-day trips including Horseback All-days, River Trips, Canoe Trips, Rock scrambling on the West side of Pikes Peak, Fishing and Technical rock climbing.

The Big Spring Juniors will be doing a lot of horseback riding tomorrow and, on Friday will hike through the Bat Caves (which don’t really have any bats) to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.  The High Trails Juniors are looking forward to their trip to the South Platte River for tubing tomorrow.  On Friday, they will be riding, hiking, and swimming.

We are looking forward to our adventures over the next few days.  We will send another update on Sunday and will post photos from the week on Sunday night.  Jane

In the Words of a Camper

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Cedar Lodge West Cabinside Overnight

By Anna S. and Carter J.

Cedar Lodge wet went to Bull Springs campsite on July 16, 2012. We walked the seemingly long two mile hike. Our packs were heavy, the sun was hot and the path was mostly uphill, yuck! Once we got to our beautiful campsite, we immediately set up camp and prepared for rain, and rain it did! We were stuck in our tents for two or three hours, sitting, reading and sleeping. Once the rain finally ended, we sat on a rock and told stories. Later I went rock scrambling with my two friends. It took a mile to reach the top, just in time to see the breath taking Colorado sunset. I have never seen something more beautiful! When it started to get dark we knew it was time to leave. Luckily we made it down the mountain just in time for a delicious batch of crepes. After our long journey and sweet reward, we settled down, got ready for bed and prepared for another amazing day!

Silver Spruce West

By Mollie A.

We went to Aspen Springs yesterday and our backpacks were so heavy – it was not even funny! When we got there we felt so light that we felt like we could fly to the moon! We had bagel sandwiches for lunch and for dinner. It rained on us, but after the rain we pulled out dead trees from the ground. We made a fort from the trees we pulled out! YEA us!!! Then we went to top of the world and played some awesome games. We had so much fun on that trip! Yea us!

Colorado is such a beautiful place. It is so much different than my home in Seattle. I love the mountains, big gorgeous meadows and the red rocky ground! I love the hot sun and all the horses and cows running around. I really like not being able to text people as well! I feel like I am so free and can be myself here. I want to ride the HORSES!

By Katelyn

I love being back home in Colorado! I have been waiting all year to come back to Sanborn. I have had so much fun at camp already! I love being a JC to my home girls at Ponderosa East! Our cabinside overnight was so fun. It’s amazing to be able to see/ spend time with all my old friends! I’m so excited to see what my adventure will be at camp!

By Madeline L.

Silver Spruce Wests’ Cabinside Overnight

Our cabinside overnight was the best! The hike to our campsite, Aspen Spring, was beautiful and took less than an hour. Aspen trees and towering pines lined the path and it was the perfect temperature. When we got to our campsite, we had the gourmet classic… bagel sandwiches! After our growling stomachs were silenced, we set up our tents. Right after that, as if on cue, it started raining so we all went and relaxed in our tents. Fajitas were for dinner. They were delicious! The best part of them was the onions, they were the best I’ve ever had! Hanging up the bear bag was next on our list, we ties Kelsey’s water bottle to the string and threw it over the branch of a very tall tree. Then we hiked to Top of the World and watched the beautiful Colorado sunset!

If you have ever though that you have seen true beauty, you are wrong – unless you were on our cabinside overnight. Everybody was at Top of the World and we stared at the clouds, were enchanted by the mountains, and discovered integrity, resilience, and courage within ourselves with grow strong. They the moment that really snatched our breath away was when the sun started to sink beneath the mountainous horizon. The sky was flooded with breathtaking shades of red, yellow, orange, and a delicate pink. Then our jaws all dropped and we were all just staring at the sunset at Top of the World.

By Elizabeth M.

Today we got back from our cabinside overnight, on the way back a cat named Yo-Yo followed us home. When we were on our cabinside overnight we played an acting game where two people went back to back, and take three steps and turn. Then someone shouts out something, for example: Justin Bieber. The people act it out and whoever has the best imitation, wins! We played all night and when it was raining we would throw shoes from tent to tent with notes in them, and that was my cabinside overnight.

Grace M.

My Cabinside Overnight

Today I came back from my cabinside overnight. My cabin, Crystal Palace East, hiked up to Witcher’s Pond. All of our backpacks were really heavy and full of food and tents. When we got to our campsite we put up our tents and had lunch. It started to rain a bit after we had eaten lunch. I got in my tent and tried to zip up the rain fly, but it was stuck, so me and two other girls went to the next tent as quick as we could. We were in there for an hour and it still hadn’t rained very much. Another girl joined our tent and we talked for about three hours. It was fun because I got to know more about people that were in my cabin. After a while it got really hot in the tent, so we went outside and played games. It was super fun and it made me laugh a lot. It got very windy after that, so we layered up and went to go have dinner. It was a great dinner, Mac and Cheese with a vegetable stir fry – YUM! For dessert we had “crepes” with chocolate and fruit. We were all super full afterwards and felt like we were going to barf. We gathered up all the dishes and pots and went to the spring tank to clean them. It was actually really fun. We had an awesome method where when it was clean we would spin in circles really fast to get the water out. We came skipping back to the “kitchen”and our counselors and AC were really confused. We brushed our teeth and put everything smelly in the bear bags.

We went up to a really high tree and my counselor and AC climbed the tree to put the rope in. Everyone helped to pull up the bear bag. After that we went back to our campsite and laid out our sleeping pad and bag outside. Our counselor told up we couldn’t sleep outside unless we could find 200 stars. We did and it was really fun sleeping outside and the stars were really pretty. At three in the morning we heard a cow, a really annoying cow! It kept coming closer every moo! It was the most annoying sound ever!

Breakfast was delicious! It was chocolate chip pancakes. YUM! After that we packed up and headed back to High Trails. On the way back we saw Big Spring Boys hiking to their campsite. Over all, my cabinside overnight was an amazing experience! Everyone in my cabin was really excited!

By Stephanie B.