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WHO is Coming to the Sanborn MEGA Reunion?

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Sunday Morning Vespers at the 2008 Reunion

If you are anything like us, you think somewhat seasonally.  And, like many people, you are just now beginning to think about your upcoming summer and early fall plans.

If those plans do not currently include the Sanborn 65th Mega Reunion at camp from August 22nd-25th…then you just might miss out on the MOST fun this side (and the other side, frankly) of the Continental Divide.

Beyond the incredible activities, adventure, camaradie and fun, there will be like-minded Sanborners from all over the country (and world) in attendance at this year’s reunion.  Use this as an opportunity to reconnect with new and old friends,  network, build on shared memories and create new ones with your children, former staff members, former campers, friends and mentors.

Here is the list of current attendees.  If you see someone who isn’t on the list that should be, or if you would like us to apply gentle, but fairly pointed pressure on anyone in particular (“You’re getting married that weekend?  Well, we guess that is fine as long as you make it to Vespers on Sunday morning….”) –do not hesitate to email

See you in August!



Nick Alton                                                      BS Staff 2007

Jamie Bailey                                                    HT 82-84; Staff 86

BreAnn Behlen                                               HT Staff 02-05

Margie Pringle Brown                                     HT 70-74

Lauraleigh Davis Burke                                  HT 66-68

Cathy Gepson Burnham                                 HT 84-86; Staff 88-91

Emily, Sarah, and Abby Burnham                  Current

Jon Carlson                                                     BS Staff 61-63

Pat Decoursey Cercos                                     HT 63-64; 66-67

Julie Micou Cerf                                             HT 72-75; Staff 76, 78

William Comley                                              BS 66-67; 69

Amy Sawyer Daniher                                     HT 84-85; Staff 86, 88

Erika Davidoff                                                HT 05-11

Daria Davidoff                                               HT 07

Betsy Swango DeLurgio                                HT 78-79, 81

Emily Myrick Densmore                                 HT 82-87; Staff 91

Shelley Desloge                                              HT 78-79

Sheri Bone Fedorchak                                                HT Staff 80-82; TNP 07

Mia Fisher                                                       HT 69-73

Andy Fletcher                                                 BS 68-70

Rob and Connie McWilliams Friesen             BS 62; Staff 65-68    HT Staff 66-68

Annie Garretson                                              HT 65-71; Staff 72-83

Sarah Stahl Garrigan                                       HT 79-80

Grace Stimson                                                 HT 10-13

Pete Glasser                                                    SWC 71, 74-87

Catherine Stahl Glenning                                HT 79-80

Meredith Glenning                                          HT 10-12

Mary “Spice” Garlich Grannell                       HT Staff 63-67, 69

Harriet Hargrave                                             HT Staff 89-90, 93, 05

Jeffrey Hargrave                                             BS  Staff 89-90

Rodney and Laura Hite Hargrave                  BS Staff 88-89  HT Staff 91-93

Kim Bean Higgins                                          HT 70; Staff 77-79

Matthew Huffman                                          BS 85; Staff BS 89-93

Lisa Prentice Hughes                                      HT 78-85; Staff 87

Jack Kramer                                                    BS Staff 68-72

Flori Lambart                                                  HT 62-68

John Leavitt                                                    BS Staff 06-09

Alex Levine                                                    BS 84-85; Staff 92-93

Maggie Proffitt Link                                       HT 91, 93, 96; Staff 98-99, 01

Amy Davis Lunne                                           HT 72-77; Staff 79-80

Libby Malone                                                  HT Staff 83-87

Schehera Randle McKasson                           HT 89-94; 96-01

Dori Knowles Morgan                                    HT 64-69

Susan Uptegrove Myrick                                HT Staff 64-65

Renee Desloge Nelson                                    HT 78-83

Bob Perlmutter                                                BS 66-69

Elliott Perlmutter                                            BS 01-02, 04

David Peters                                                   BS Staff 92-95

Mary “Bunny” Porter                                      HT 71-73; Staff 78-79

Phil Pringle                                                      BS 64-69; Staff 70

Erin Proctor                                                     HT 89-93

Roger Proffitt                                                 BS 61-65; Staff 68, 71

Kay Seessel Rawlings                                     HT 80-83; Staff 88

Bea Raemdonck                                              HT 01-05; Staff 08-12

Wilson Rawlings                                             BS 07-13

Julie Richardson                                              HT  62-63; Staff 64-70 and 2000-12

Jeff Roberts                                                    BS 89-90; Staff 97-02

Jim “Herc” Roth                                             BS 63-67; Staff 68-71

Barbara Rowley                                              HT 74-77; Staff 78-81; SWC Staff  86-90

Anna Middleton                                             HT 08-12

Kate Middleton                                              HT 10-13

Don Sable                                                       BS 62-65

Rick Sanborn                                                  Long time

Lisa Schneck                                                   HT 72-75; Staff 78

John Shelton                                                   BS 62-68

Mark Shelton                                                  BS 58-61

Nancy Shiffler                                                            HT 62-65; Staff 68-76

Megan Shellman Rickard                                HT 85-9; Staff 99

Toby Slezak                                                    BS 84-85

Sally Riekhof Smith                                        HT Staff 89, 91

Delta Stokes                                                    HT 87-91

Katie Binter Swyers                                        HT 94-95; Staff 98, 02-03

Rebecca Todd                                                 HT 80-83; Staff 85

Betsy Tucker                                                   HT 63-65; Staff 68-73

Eric Weidmann                                               BS 63-64; Staff 66-70

Rein and Jan Sanborn Van West                    Long time

Alissa Gutin West                                           HT 77

Walker Crowley                                              BS 06-13

Big Al and Terry Goodger Williams               BS Staff 75-77;  HT Staff 74-77

Frank Williams                                                BS 81-86; Staff 87-92, 95, 97

Keith Williams                                                BS 64-67, 69; Staff 70-77

Lindsay Williams                                            HT 92-95

Krista Wright                                                  HT Staff 91-99

More to come…..

(and of course, Jerry, Jane, Mike Mac, Rob, Carlotta, Ariella, Elizabeth, Maren, Chris, Rosie, and all of the year-round staff)

April News Update for Sanborn Western Camps

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

A few of our summer birds, including bluebirds and robins, have returned to the Ranch so we know Spring is on the way.  Our March snows have melted away at this time, so it should be easy for us to spot the first Pasque Flower of the year.  Temperatures have warmed up and the nice weather really inspires us to work hard on our many pre-summer projects.  The summer staff will begin arriving in less than two months.

Speaking of staff, we have some great people returning for 2013!  At Big Spring,  returning wranglers include Will Ostendorf, Charles Nunziato, and Bryan Belsey.  Ridge Leaders will be Mike Piel, Kyle Kotzman, Byron Pringle, Trent Reed and John Jackson.  Michelle Christiance will return as the Arts and Crafts Director.  Other returning staff include Ryan Murphy, Ian McDavid, James Nicoll, Jake Gulliver, Adam Saucedo, Andrew Morton, Kevin Dlugos, Jeremy Mabe, Joe Sisk, Jack Ostrand, and Peter Hoeller.  Marissa Beauchane and Holly Lehmann will both be back as nurses.

At High Trails, Janie Cole, Sara Everhart, Kristy Burt, Kelly Muedeking and Angela Scruggs will be returning as Ridge Leaders.  Mary Gigliotti will be the Outcamp Coordinator; and Jamie Olivette, Emily Katz, Taylor Indrebo, Jenny Hartman, Clara Troyer and Amanda Nooter will be wranglers.  Hannah Flink, Maggie Kittner, Hannah Weisbecker, Tully Sandbom, Valerie Peterson, Sean Sudekum, and Sarah Merfeld will return as counselors.  We also have a great group of former campers returning as staff members, and some wonderful new staff who will join us for the first time.

We have begun our Spring outdoor education program and are excited to provide experiential, nature-based classes for 4th and 5th graders from 24 schools over the next six weeks.

Our April will be filled with putting the finishing touches on improved programs and trips for this summer, renovation projects to improve our facilities, hiring the last few summer staff and counting the days until camp begins.  The new Health Center at High Trails is looking good—it has walls and a roof now and is well on the way to being completed before camp begins.  New mattresses just arrived for Big Spring and guys on upper STUW Ridge will appreciate their new tent frames.  Gaga Pits are being built for both camps and many other facility improvement projects are underway.

Our 2013 community is really coming together, and most grades in both terms of High Trails are filled.  Big Spring still has openings in most grades, but some of these are close to filling.  Most Sanborn Junior terms in both camps have only a few openings left.  Families interested for the summer of 2013 should call to check availability.  As always, we are happy to send our brochure, DVD and references to any interested families.

We can’t wait to begin creating the fun, adventure, and friendship of the Summer of 2013!