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Monday, June 24th, 2013

June 23, 2013

What a great week!  As always, we feel so fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of young people, and enthusiasm has been high for all of our trips and activities!

Canoeing and Paddle Boarding on Witcher Pond

Following our busy week of campouts and activities, we were happy to once again be all together on Friday evening for dinner, and the Lodges were exciting (and noisy) places to be.  On Saturday mornings we offer Saturday Specials—these are activities which continue every Saturday morning during the camp term.  Campers may choose to work on the coed Drama which they will present at the end of camp, take riding lessons, experiment with outdoor cooking in our own version of Iron Chef, hike to different parts of the ranch, learn how to throw pots on the wheel in ceramics, and many other fun activities.  On Saturday evening, the camps came together at Big Spring for an ice cream social and Decades Dance.

Campers in both camps have been offered a wide variety of all-day and overnight trips and a number of these are scheduled for next week.  Horseback overnights, tubing on the South Platte River, fishing all-days, mountain climbs and hikes to several spectacular locations are only some of the adventures that await campers and staff. There will also be a busy in-camp program and some of our favorite special events.  Juniors at both camps will experience another campout, more horseback riding, swimming, tennis, and a number of fun, creative in-camp activities.  High Trails Juniors are looking forward to their trip on the South Platte River while Junior Campers at Big Spring will enjoy the Bat Caves/Fossil Beds All Day.

Many of our older campers have signed up for SOLE (Sanborn Outdoor Leadership Experience) or CORE (Community Outreach Experience) next week—these 5-day adventures include service projects as well as challenging activities.  One group will work with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) to build trails on Mt.

Group photo before heading out on Unit Overnights

Elbert, while another will hike along the Colorado Trail and a third group will work with CFI on Oxford/Belford.  Two separate trip groups have chosen a rock climbing focus.  During the week they will learn climbing skills and build trails at our climbing site on Wild Goat Mountain. Both the CORE and SOLE programs are also offering 5-day Horsemanship experiences–these will emphasize improving horseback riding skills as well as community service.

The Junior Counselors at High Trails and Outbackers at Big Spring are also looking forward to their special 3-day trips this week.  The girls leave tomorrow for Great Sand Dunes National Monument; on Wednesday they will meet the Outbackers in Buena Vista for an exciting day of rafting on the Arkansas River.  The girls will then return to camp while the boys head to the Sand Dunes for two-days of sand surfing and exploration.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the living unit photos taken early last week by visiting our website Photo Gallery.  Our photographers also are hard at work posting new photos taken at camp last week.  They will be available for viewing either late tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Photos from either Big Spring, High Trails, or Sanborn Junior will load automatically in the photo gallery.  To access photos from the other camps, click on the gallery button on the bottom left of the photos and choose the photos you would like to see.

Beyond reading these e-mails and our Sanborn blog online, you can follow Sanborn Western Camps on Facebook. We would love to have parents, friends, and family follow our updates about camp events, trips and activities.

Until next week…

From the Camper’s Mouths…

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

After cabinside overnights, one of the afternoon activities was blog writing and ice cream eating. The ice cream was nice and cold on a warm afternoon and the laughter when stories were shared was contagious! Enjoy reading about some of the girls’ adventures!

Headed to Vespers Rocks

JC Adventures by Elena W.

Being a JC at High Trails is built up to be the best summer a camper can have. Well guess what, all the hype is totally true! Although, I have only been at camp for only a week, my cabinside overnight, opening campfire, the counselor hunt and the first vespers have all been some for the books.

I am the JC for Columbine and all of my girls are fun-loving and excited for life. Our overnight was filled with laughs, cows, pita pizzas, breakfast crepes, and walking home in just 45 minutes.

For opening campfire, all of the JCs dressed up as if we had stepped out of the 80s with neon tutus and rockin’ hair dos. Even with the rain pounding on Heisler Hall, all of us High Trails girls sang and watched skits of activities offered here at camp.

The counselor hunt consisted of many campers running to find and guess the names of their counselors with their JCs in tow around camp. The girls of Columbine started and ended the race with a “huggle”, a huddle hug, and were enthusiastic the whole way.

Vespers is always one of my favorite times at camp because it’s a time to reflect and take in the beauty of the outdoors. I didn’t come to camp last year, and so being back at vespers made me realize how much I had missed it. We also sang “Annie’s Song”, one of my favorites here at camp. The fresh air of the mountains filled my lungs and helped me settle in for my summer here at High Trails.

Cabinside Overnights by Nissa G.

We went to Fish Creek and we hiked for 2 and half hours. When we got to Fish Creek, Tully suggested we put the food out. Then, we all said “NO!” We hiked out our campsite and we put our tents up. Then, we ate lunch. For rest period I slept for an hour and read my book. While everyone else played Mafia, then, we went rock scrambling. I got stuck on a rock and when I came down I scraped my leg, but it was fine. We had pita pizzas for dinner. We played the game “Family”. Then we went to bed. We woke up to the sound of cows. I had to do a water run and a touched a cow. Then we came back for McDonald’s lunch. It was a good overnight!

The Life of a Camper

It’s only the 4th day of camp and feels like half the month has already gone by. We just got back from our cabin-side overnights today and it was so fun! My cabinside – Columbine West – went to Fish Creek. We started the day off with everyone’s favorite bagel sandwiches! Then, we played 10 games of Mafia, soon after that we went rock scrambling and hung out on the rocks. After that we hiked back to our campsite and made a great dinner of pita pizzas. The pizza was so good that almost everybody had to have seconds! Sadly the meal came to an end and we had to go do dishes. While doing dishes we were joined by the cows.

"Campsite Visitors" photo by Jill H.

It was really one of the best feelings to just sit down and watch the rolling hills go on forever, the cows lick the salt blocks and drink from the spring tank, and see the red burning sun fall behind us and the white glowing moon rise in front of us.

We woke up the next morning ready for breakfast, and soon found out we were having crepes. They were so good! I put brown sugar, apples and chocolate on mine and it was the best thing I have ever had! Soon the trip had to end and we had to pack up our tents and the rest of our stuff and walk 2.5 miles back to High Trails. About an hour later we made it back in time for burgers and sodas for lunch. I hope ya’ll are having as good of a summer as I am, and I can’t wait to see some of you soon.

Bye for now,

Taylor C.

High Trails Summer Staff 2013

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Staying true to tradition we asked our staff to write up a little blurb about themselves and answer some very important questions. We try to go beyond the typical “what do you like to do” and get to the real heart of who they are. Have you ever wondered what superhero they’d be a sidekick to, or what is the very most important thing they know about themselves? Well read on and see what you can discover about our fabulous staff!

Juniper West

L-R: Stephanie Shepherd, Katie Wagner, Michaela Johnson

Stephanie Shepherd

Hey! I’m so excited to be here this summer! I’ve spent the past year at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and traveling abroad in South Africa.  The coolest thing I’ve done recently is see elephants and go shark cage diving in Africa.  Now that I’m here I can’t wait to be outside, play sports, and do crafts.  When I’m not here I love the beach and my favorite animals are dolphins and whales.  I’m from San Diego California.  My favorite time of the year is summertime and you will always find me enjoying the outdoors!

Michaela Johnson

Well hello there! I never imagined that I’d actually be coming back to spending another summer up at camp, and this time not as a camper, but instead as a counselor.  I have had the opportunity to spend last winter participating in The Disney College Program Internship, where I got to work, play, and learn while working for the big Mouse. During my semester working at Disney World I had the chance to do some community service working with the Make- A- Wish Foundation and a special program known as Give A Child the World. Another community service project – I contributed to building a new playground for children at a local park.  I am not sure what my future has in store for me, but I know whatever I do I will do it with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.

Katie Wagner

I am originally from London, England and have just recently moved from Toronto, Canada to Washington D.C. So I am now back in the United States for good! I study at Denison University in Ohio and LOVE it to pieces! I play for the Women’s Lacrosse team there and have a passion for the sport, and hope to get girls to play at Sanborn this summer! I have been a camper at Sanborn for three whole summers and have loved every bit of my time there! My experiences at Sanborn have made me come back and be an AC- I am so so excited to be in Colorado Springs for the summer of 2013!!

Juniper East

L-R: Makenzie Goldstein, Martha Pallace, Mackenzie Hill

Mackenzie Hill

Hello! My name is Mackenzie and I’m from a small town in Michigan.  Four of my favorite pastimes are playing tennis, recreational running, reading, and crafting. My sorority at Central, Alpha Gamma Delta, provides many opportunities to craft for my sisters! If I were a sidekick, I would be French fries to a McDonald’s double cheeseburger. I believe that the most important “thing” about me is that I’m kind and creative. This will be my first summer at Sanborn, let alone my first time in Colorado. I look forward to making new friends and outdoor adventures!

Martha Pallace

Hi! I am beyond excited to be working as a counselor this summer!!! I’m new to Sanborn but I spent 6 summers as a camper, 5 in North Carolina and 1 in Colorado (and I wish I’d been in CO the whole time!) I think camp is one of the most amazing experiences to have growing up and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be going back! I love kids and have been working as a nanny for the past three years in NYC and in Paris. I can’t wait to share my summer with some awesome girls! I’ve absolutely loved city life but I’m ready for a break. I’m in desperate need of some clean air, open space, nature, and quiet. I’m so excited to hike, swim, ride, paddle, camp, sing, and be in the wilderness!

Makenzie Goldstein

I am so excited to be able to return to camp this year, after being a 7 year camper! I will be starting my sophomore year at Knox College after this summer, where I am currently undecided on what to study. I love to do anything artsy – whether it’s music or drawing you can count me in!  I love to travel and last summer I was able to travel to places like Cambodia and Laos where I volunteered at temples and taught children English! I love being in the outdoors, whether it is just to sit by a tree and read a good book, or to go on a long hike. I can’t wait for all the amazing adventures and memories that will be created this summer!!

Ponderosa West

L-R: Evy Royther, Zelda Sherwood, Lydia Valenta

Zelda Sherwood

Hey there, Zelda here! I’m so glad to be on a mountain and in the sun! It’s a refreshing change from being at sea level in the foggy city by the bay, that’s right – I’m from San Francisco, where I attend college, go to concerts & gallery openings, and hike around with my dog. In SF I work with kids and adults at community gardens all over the city, it’s so exciting to watch things grow and change! I’m really looking forward to exploring trails, riding horses, and cruising down rivers! Not to mention the magic of campfire times and good friends :)

Lydia Valenta

Hey there! I am MORE than excited for some great adventures this summer. I’ve spent this past year completing my first year of a physical therapy program in Virginia. I’ve been pounded with so much information about the human body that I dream of muscle attachments and the blood supply in my sleep. I do love the program and cannot wait to become a physical therapist, but all of that studying has kept me indoors way too much. Seriously, I am ready to use some of those muscles I’ve been learning so much about; I’m stoked for climbing, horseback riding, campfire songs, and some good old fashioned adventures. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Evy Royther

I cannot begin to tell you all how excited I am to come back to Sanborn for my 8th summer, and finally as an AC! Sanborn is my favorite place and I could talk for days about the many adventures I had while raiding the camp store or hiking to vespers. I am a college athlete and play field hockey. I love sports, but my favorite part of playing in college are all the amazing girls on my team. It’s guaranteed that we are either taking up all of the tables on the first floor of the library or eating all of the peanut butter in the cafeteria. Even when I’m not playing hockey you can always find me outside, often playing with a professor’s dog. I hope to be a veterinarian one day. As of right now though, I can’t wait to be at camp for another legendary summer!

Ponderosa East

T-B: Kendra Shehy, Melody Reeves, Caitlin Kropp

Kendra Shehy

Hello! I am from Wooster, Ohio and attend The College of Wooster. I am majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minoring in Early Childhood Education. I am so very excited to spend the summer outdoors, learning and exploring. I love dancing ballet, riding horses, and running. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the best summers!

Melody Reeves

Bonjour! Hola! Jambo! Shalom! Namaste! Hello! It has not fully sunk in that I will soon be spending my summer out west in the beautiful state of Colorado. Even more so, it has not sunk in that I will be spending it with some incredible girls (young, old and in between) that will soon be some of my most cherished friends. This will be my first time on a plane, but I know that in the years to come I will be in the air far more than I can ever imagine. My dream is to travel. All I want is a backpack on my back, Chacos on my feet, and my ENO in hand (with a great book, of course). My maintenance level is set to low, and shoes are optional. My favorite moments are spent with coffee, a book, the sights, sounds and smells of God’s creations, and good friends.

Caitlin Kropp

Hi!  I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to be working at camp this summer – with 7 years as a camper already under my belt, I can’t think of a better place to be!  I’m currently a freshman at Yale University, majoring in Archaeological Studies.  Basically, I want to be Indiana Jones, or at least his sidekick (any excuse to hang out with Harrison Ford, really).  I plan on revisiting all my favorite spots at camp, especially rock scrambling at the Bat Caves and trying (and failing) to find the Lost Treehouse.  With my trusty guitar by my side and a sack full of books, I look forward to a summer full of fun, discovery, and, above all, adventure.

Silver Spruce West

L-R: Erica Wilkins, Hannah Weisbecker, Mary Talbot

Hannah Weisbecker

Hello! This will be my eighth summer at Sanborn and I could not be more excited! During the school year I study Engineering Physics and play lots and lots of Ultimate Frisbee, while I anxiously await my return to camp. I’m looking forward to all of the big adventures, like climbing 14ers and horseback riding. Even more than that, I cannot wait to meet my girls and kick it in the cabin!! See y’all soon for an unforgettable summer.

Erica Wilkins

HELLO! I have never been to camp before and I have never been more excited for anything in my life. Most of my life I have lived in West Virginia and the wilderness is part of my everyday scene. I am currently working on my Masters in Secondary Education and I work at an Alternative Placement for High School students. However, five years previous I worked with youth gymnastics. I enjoy some good ole fashion hanging around. I look forward to meeting new people. I am a strong believer that we learn from our own adventures and what a better way to do that than learn through others experiences. I have one talent and that is probably talking (loudly I may add :) ) I have a special interest in the stars so I’m ready to embrace all they have to offer.’

Mary Talbot

Hi! I’m Mary, and I attend Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY, but originally from Greensboro, NC. I’m a freshman at Vassar and am absolutely loving it so far. I miss North Carolina too though, especially my parents, my kitchen, my dogs, and the warm weather! The things I love the most: my friends, camping,  going on walks, cooking, writing, reading, learning, planning trips and events, traveling, and a lot more! Going to college has helped me discover new passions–I’m very excited about Women’s Studies and would call myself a proud feminist (one of the many reasons I’m so excited to work at a place that is so empowering and healthy for young girls!).

Silver Spruce East

L-R: Elizabeth West, Rachel Erb, Jane Canter

Rachel Erb

Hey there! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to be working at High Trails this summer! It will be my first time at Sanborn and I can’t wait to get started! I love being outside and to spend a summer in the Rockies is like my dreams come true! I am studying to be an occupational therapist at the Ohio State University and my dream would be to work with special needs children in a hospital. I love people, I love new friends, and I can’t wait to be surrounded by others who love nature as well! I will be spending as much time as I can hiking, canoeing, and getting into some crazy adventures, oh I also love some major adventuring! Have I said that I can’t wait? I’m so excited to be with you all in the beautiful place that is Sanborn!

Jane Canter

Hello! I am from Blacksburg, Virginia and I will be graduating from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. I have a fervent passion and desire to travel, learn, explore, create, and grow. I love the outdoors, cuddling up to a book in a cozy nook, a heated debate that ends in hugs (always hugs), the sound of cicadas in summer, a scenic view that is life-changing and inspiring, and reading a good piece of writing and then reading it again and thinking, “Wow, I wish I had the ability to melt someone into a puddle with my words like you.” Also, I would like to say that I think Q-tips are the best invention, and I envy the genius that created them. I am very excited to meet everyone and fill this summer with many laughs, learning, and memories!

Elizabeth West

Hi! I’m from Whittier, CA and I just finished my first year at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I am an International Affairs major. I have never studied abroad, yet I hope to study in Germany one day because I love the culture. In addition, I’d love to be Batman’s sidekick since he’s the coolest, most awesome superhero ever! Batman always does what is right and proves that you don’t need powers to be a hero. For that reason, I would love to fight crime alongside Batman and further demonstrate that anyone, no matter who they are, can save and change the world. Lastly, I am eagerly looking forward to the start of camp this summer as I get to meet lots of wonderful people! I can’t wait to meet all of you and share memorable adventures this summer!!!

Cedar Lodge West

L-R: Barrett Donovan, Iska Nardie-Warner, Emily Talbot

Barrett Donovan

Hey there!  I am so excited to spend my first summer at Sanborn!  I’ve spent the last summer as a counselor at a summer camp in Kentucky (playing in way smaller mountains than here in Colorado) and the past academic year studying at Colorado College where I am a member of the Local Learning Living Community, a community based around the goal of local community engagement and sustainability.  I am also an active member in the Outdoor Recreation Committee and a volunteer for the Children’s Literacy Center.  I’ve not quite decided on a major, but I am interested in pursuing outdoor education and environmental science/sustainability.  This summer I will be exploring some real mountains, hiking fantastic trails, and soaking up the glorious outdoors!

Iska Nardie – Warner

Well hey there! I am so stoked for my return to camp! I am attending Whitman College, but I have yet to decide my major; however, my interest in travel is leading me towards global issues and cultural studies. This summer, I’m keen for some more grand adventures–backpacking, climbing, and frolicking around. Whether you find me on top of a bluff soaking up the sun or relaxing in an aspen grove, you better believe I’m loving it! Remember: you can always tell how much fun you’ve had in a day by how much dirt you rinse off and how hungry you are! And on that note, if I was a sidekick I’d be jam to peanut butter because all my childhood adventures ended with that dynamic duo. Can’t wait for the adventures to start!

Emily Talbot

Hello Sanborn, we finally meet again! My name’s Emily Talbot (Talbs for short) and I have been anticipating AC-ship since I was basically 10 years old. Working with dozens of zany kids in the most beautiful place on earth–sounds good to me. I hail from Santa Fe, NM, Land of Enchantment, turquoise skies, and green chile. Put any item of food ever created in front of me and I’ll be happy to enjoy it :) I’m constantly in awe of the power of people and courage. I’m a great listener. I sometimes write poetry and play lacrosse (happy to teach anyone this summer!). I’m definitely not afraid to be weird and craaaaazy. I cackle sometimes, I’m a night owl, and I want to teach. And this is going to be an AWESOME summer, I already know!

Cedar Lodge East

L-R: Anna Atkeson, Maggie Kittner, Sadie Sprague-Siegel

Maggie Kittner

I’m over the moon to be returning to camp for my second summer on staff! I’m a rising junior at Elon University in N.C. and am working towards my BFA degree in Performance with a specialty in Acting. One thing I love about camp is the opportunity to combine a bunch of your favorite things into one big bundle of summer FUN! I love the great outdoors, especially when I get to share it with awesome people at camp. This summer, I can’t wait to summit more mountains, trot a little faster on Little Joe, and make many friends of all ages. This will surely be the best Sanborn summer yet!

Sadie Sprague-Siegel

Hiya! I’ve never been so excited to leave home for such a long time, even though this will be the first time I’ve been away for more than two weeks! I’m excited to check out the mountains as my life is lived for snowboarding! Tried out some college, two semesters for liberal arts, didn’t suit me too well unfortunately. I’m psyched to get to travel and open up new doors and start new friendships as I’m pretty shy, which I find strange because I’m throwing myself into a people filled challenge! I hate to leave my bestie, but I can’t wait to tell her about my adventures!

Anna Atkeson

Hi, I’m Anna!  I’m a first year art and psychology double major at the University of Chicago.  I was a Sanborn camper for eight summers, and after that I’ve spent my summers backpacking and kayaking in Alaska and Iceland.  I’m hoping to go into concept art for animation, so I draw lots of cartoons!  My favorite genre of comics and animation is magical girls – there’s nothing better than lady superheroes!  I’m also big on improv for fun.  I’m really excited to come back to Sanborn and help campers have amazing wilderness experiences and make some fun memories!

Crystal Palace East

L-R: Caroline Tryba, Greta Ohaus, Camille Ewing

Camille Ewing

Hello everybody! I am so happy to finally be back at High Trails, this time as a staff member. I will be attending Bucknell University in the fall, and will be studying Biology and Creative Writing. I look forward to integrating these interests into the camp experience this summer. I am also very interested in hiking and horseback riding. Yeehaw!

Caroline Tryba

Born and raised in Denver, I am now living in DC studying Art History and Business at The George Washington University. If I were a sidekick, I’d be the stakes to a great 3-person tent! Every ship needs an anchor right? (plus I lost an un-staked tent over a cliff once as a camper). I can’t wait to combine my love of hiking, music, and food all together at Sanborn this summer!

Greta Ohaus

Hi! I’m from Chester, CT but went to boarding school and now go to college in New York.  I’m currently studying fashion design at Cornell University and just designed for my first show this past spring!  Sanborn was my escape from reality for 7 maybe even 8 years as a camper and I can’t wait to come back and be an AC. I have a book full of quotes ready for Vespers, my pink cowboy boots polished for barrel racing, a blank journal prepped to be filled with memories, and at least 5 Nalgenes ready for the mountains!

Crystal Palace West

L-R: Grace Adler, Kate Shanahan, Jordan Wilkes

Jordan Wilkes

Hey y’all, my name is Jordan Wilkes. I am from the little mountains of northeast Georgia (Cleveland, GA, to be exact). I attend Young Harris College where I am majoring in Outdoor Leadership and Art. I love being outside but especially running, mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing. The artsy side of me loves drawing and photography. I can’t wait to meet everyone at camp; this summer is going to be a blast!

Kate Shanahan

Hola! This is my first summer as a Sanborn Counselor and I am so pumped! I’m originally from New York City but, this summer I’m trading in the city life for 14,000ft mountains.  I currently go to the University of Colorado, Boulder and study International Affairs.  When I grow up I hope to be a professional tourist and see as many places as possible.  When I’m not on the move, some of my favorite activities are reading great books, playing fun games outside, and eating warm chocolate chip cookies (I love them so much, I’ve made it an activity).

Grace Adler

Hi, my name is Grace and I am from a somewhat-suburban somewhat-urban town north of Dallas that somehow still managed to put my house by a horse ranch. This summer of 2013 will be my 10th summer spent at Sanborn, and I am so excited to give back to this amazing community as much as I possibly can. I am also excited to have drippy tasty breakfast crêpes from a campfire again, but no one should be very surprised about that. I’m currently attending Brown University in Rhode Island and studying artsy things like painting and fiction, and I love talking about stories from movies to games to comics to books and most especially, stories from this very camp usually involving life-long friends staying up too late in a tent under the stars.

Kinnikinnik East

L-R: Valerie Peterson, Mimi Scott, Sammi Burrell

Sammi Burrell

Hey! So this is my first summer at High Trails and I’m super excited! My favorite things are being outside and going on adventures, so I think this summer’s gonna be pretty great. I just finished my second year at Ohio State where I study environmental science, lead Younglife at Reynoldsburg High School (a high school in central Ohio), and work at an elementary school for an after school care program. I love music and playing guitar, hanging out with friends, hanging out with my family, fishing, and setting up the hammock in a cool place to chill. I’m not exactly sure what to expect this summer, but I’m definitely most excited about meeting and getting to know everybody!

Valerie Peterson

Hi! My name is Valerie Peterson and hail from Wichita, KS.  I am currently studying History and Sociology and the University of Kansas.  This will be my second year working at Sanborn, and I am beyond excited.  I’ll share a few facts about myself: 1) My most prized possession is a cardboard cut-out of me and my friend Jeff. It is both fantastic and slightly creepy all at once.  2) I hate sprinkles. (I know. It’s weird) 3) I love lumberjacks more than most things in life. 4) Lastly, I can’t wait to spend my summer outside with the wonderful people of Sanborn!

Mimi Scott

I’m from Maplewood, New Jersey and I’m so excited to be coming back to camp! I can’t believe it will be my eighth summer here!!  When I’m not studying at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, I love baking, hiking, swimming and eating a perfect banana with peanut butter (YUM!)  If I got to be any superhero’s sidekick, I’d definitely kick it with Aquaman and chill with the dolphins all day.  Then, after, we’d hop out of the water for a raging DANCE PARTY!

Kinnikinnik West

L-R: Jaclyn Tagani, Nora Philbin, Hannah Flink

Nora Philbin

Hi! I went to camp for two years when I was in high school and cannot wait to come back home! I’m thrilled to be coming back to Sanborn because I live/go to school in Boston and sometimes you just need more nature in your life. The sidekick question is seriously stumping me, BUT I think since I have to choose I would be a big friendly dog (or BFD), the perfect sidekick to anyone a little down on their luck. I’m so excited to meet all of the staff and campers and start on our summer adventure exploring all over camp and the Rocky Mountains. I’ll probably have my camera with me everywhere I go, but I promise to get your good side!

Hannah Flink

Hi! I’m pretty excited to be back at Sanborn for my second year. I have one semester left at The University of Colorado at Boulder and I really hope to work with kids for the rest of my life. My family is the most important thing in my life. This summer I hope to dress crazy cool and hike up some awesome mountains and to some awesome places, while laughing the whole time. It is the journey that matters the most :) I am a Harry Potter fanatic. Seriously, I will talk about it all the time, anytime.  Fly fishing on the Arkansas River, or hiking anywhere is where I love to be!

Jaclyn Tagani

Hey there! I can’t believe that three years went by so fast and I’m finally spending my first summer at Sanborn as an AC! I just finished my first year at UConn Torrington and have lots of exciting plans for next year, like a volunteer trip to Morocco and an internship in Hartford. If I were a sidekick I’d be Pen to the superhero Paper, saving the world one word at a time! I’m so excited for crazy dance parties, gorgeous mountain climbs and lay Sundays at one of my favorite places on earth!

Columbine East

L-R: Helen Higgins, Lucy Stockdale, Ellen Cromack

Helen Higgins

It’s my third summer back, and I couldn’t be more excited! I just graduated from Hamilton College where I studied math and art. Ever since I was a camper at High Trails, I have loved climbing mountains- the higher the better! My favorite animal is a mountain lion, and my favorite shirt has a giant mountain lion on it. I would love to read The Phantom Tollbooth or The Lorax aloud to you any day (both will be with me at camp!), especially if we’re outside eating carrots!

Lucy Stockdale

I am so unbelievably excited to come back to Sanborn this summer.  After having been a camper for 6 years and then an AC to the JC’s last summer, I can’t wait for another incredible three months with some of the coolest people I know.  My school year keeps me quite busy and indoors more than I’d like working on papers, studying for tests, etc. (less than ideal, I know), but I can’t wait to be back in my Colorado homeland.  Texas just doesn’t do it for me.  Sorry not sorry, Lone Star state.  Anyway, some of my favorite things to do are play sports (basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse mainly), read and write (hello English minor), and explore–hence my love for Sanborn.  This camp has been such an amazing place for me and I can’t wait for summer 2k13!

Ellen Cromack

Hello! This is my first year on staff and my tenth summer at Sanborn! I am a Psychology major at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado. Whenever I think of camp, I think of singing Good Old Mountain Dew at Sunday lunch while banging on the tables. Sanborn has helped me form some of the strongest and most important friendships of my life. This summer I will be working for the first time as an Assistant Counselor! You can find me either in the dish pit or enjoying time with the campers! I hope to climb many mountains, tube the river and go horseback riding to the Top of the World!

Columbine West

L-R: Kaiti Kinshella, Tully Sandbom

Tully Sandbom

I’m so excited to spend yet another summer at High Trails!

Kaiti Kinshella

Well hello! I am so excited to be working at Sanborn this summer, because I, for one, think that nature is pretty neat. I am currently pursuing an English major with a little bit of Spanish and Religious Studies on the side at Gonzaga University. Since teaching and traveling are my two passions, I would be eternally happy if I could teach in a foreign country someday. I enjoy long walks on the beach, sunsets, and… Oh yeah- the outdoors of course! You could say that’s why I am here at Sanborn. Well, that and because I would never pass up an opportunity to act like a goofball. When it comes to being outside, my heart lies with backpacking, rafting, and rock climbing. When I am not doing one of these things, you can find me working on my Chaco tan.

Gold Hut East

T-B: Haley Schreier, Kate Preston not pictured: Maddie Jurden

Haley Schreier

Hello, lovely campers!  As a brand new staff member, I would first like to mention how incredibly grateful and elated I am to have the opportunity to spend my summer with a fabulous group of leaders like yourself.  I was born and raised in a small town just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, but have had a passion for adventure and travel since I learned to read a map.  For the past two years, I attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN where I was a collegiate softball player, a tutor at the Northfield Middle and High School for ESL students, and a Junior Counselor on Residence Life Staff.  This fall, I will be transferring to the University of Wisconsin- Madison where I will study Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Child Development and a certificate in Latino Studies or Women’s and Gender Studies.  In the spring, I will be living in Sevilla, Spain with a host family and studying at the university in the city.  I am in love with the sunshine, an obsession more formally known as Heliophilia; I have the most wonderful family and friends; I’m a big fan of spending other people’s money on clothes; I will try any food once.  I’ve been skydiving, cliff jumping, hookah diving, zip lining, and swimming with stingrays, but the greatest thrill I’ve yet to experience in life is still Christmas morning.  I’m so looking forward to bonding with each and every one of you this summer!

Kate Preston

How’s it going! Name’s Kate, and I’m proud to be born and raised as a valley girl (WV valley to be exact). Last year I finished my college education at Plymouth State University and have recently been bitten by the travel bug. There’s so many place to go, but I am super excited to be spending the summer in CO with you all. This past winter I was serving up some delicious homemade soups, etc. and teaching cross country ski lessons on the side, in the mountains of WV. This summer, you can find me hanging out with the “champers” (champion campers) most likely leading a game of ninja, but if I’m not there, check the barn or the closest dance floor, cause I’ll most likely be cuddling some horses or cuttin’ the rug Appalachian style!!

Maddie Jurden

HI EVERYONE! I can’t wait to spend an entire summer in the most beautiful of locations with the best people I’ve ever met! I just finished my first year of college at the University of Virginia and loved every second of it because it reminded me of camp (only less magical). I lived for the monkey bread during my camper years, but am tragically gluten-free now. So if anyone wants to attempt any gluten free baking, I would be happy to be their guinea pig! I love any kind of music, being outside, and cooking. I’m always up for a challenge or an adventure and will try almost anything at least once!

Gold Hut West

L-R: Maddie Jenkins, Emily Thomposon not pictured: Madi Klinghoffer

Madi Klinghoffer

Hi guys! I am freshly graduated from the University of Southern California and instead of taking that office job, I chose to spend this summer climbing mountains, riding horses, rafting and tubing down rivers, camping, and rock climbing the side of cliffs with all of you in the one place I feel most comfortable – nature.  I love anything that has to do with music, food, and travel so if you are interested in any of those we will be fast friends!  If I had to choose one animal to be, I would choose a bird so I could fly to anywhere I wanted to be all over the world. I was a camper at Sanborn for 4 years in my younger days and cannot wait to make it back to the place where my love for the outdoors was born.

Emily Thompson

Hey! So, this will be my first summer at camp… EVER! I am so stoked about getting to be out and about in the wild, teaching and learning as much as I can to and from anyone. I attend Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia during the rest of the year; and am going to get a degree in Criminal Justice with Homeland Security and Outdoor Education minors in 2014. I like to have adventures by getting down to earth and back to basics. Literally, I will roll around in the dirt, swim in a freezing river to clean up, and then hike until I’m dry.  I can’t wait to get into that beautiful Colorado wilderness I’ve heard so much about!! In the meantime, you can find me, my hammock, and my slack line having a good time in the sun rockin’ out to some chill tunes :)

Maddie Jenkins

I am from the littlest state with the longest name: Rhode Island! During the school year I am a pre-med student at Penn State, with the hopes of becoming a surgeon. If I do not go to medical school, then I plan to become a princess. My favorite color is pink and my spirit animal would have to be Beyonce. When it is cold out my friends and I love to go get ice cream because it reminds us of warmer weather.  My favorite Sanborn memory is the river rafting trip with my fellow JC’s. I cannot wait to spend my first summer working at my favorite summer camp! Look for me singing and dancing around the lodge cleaning with the other AC’s!


L-R: Sarah Merfeld, Alex Tilsley, Jackie Calicchio

Jackie Calicchio

I’m Jackie Calicchio and this is my first summer at camp ever! I’m originally from Belleville, NJ and am a rising senior at Washington and Lee in Lexington, VA.  My family isn’t the least bit outdoorsy, but once I stepped outside, I never wanted to stop. Quirky facts about me: I LOVE corgis. It’s actually embarrassing how excited I get when I see one. I love to cook and am apparently a hilariously bad dancer.  Out at school, all of our houses have names and I proudly live at Platform 9 and 3/4. I’m ready for a great summer with y’all!

Sarah Merfeld

Hi! I am from Madison, WI and just graduated from Colorado College where I studied Religion and Philosophy. This is my second summer at camp and I am excited to be coming back! I love many things in life including the Dalai Lama, the band Phish, and my cat Kyle. You should probably all know that I can shoot water out of the gap in my teeth really far!

Alex Tilsley

I’m so happy to be back for a second summer as a counselor! I’m originally from New Hampshire, but recently relocated to Denver, and greatly enjoy telling everyone who will listen that I’m “from Denver.” I graduated last year from the University of Southern California, and have since been exploring various cities and mountains. After camp, I’ll spend a year working as an Americorps VISTA in Denver. I love hiking and climbing (anything), and you can generally find me on top of the tallest rock around, usually with a book. I’ve also been known to hug the occasional aspen tree. This summer, I’m looking forward to lots of hiking, mountain biking, and bagel sandwiches!

Ridge Leaders

L-R: Sara Everhart, Kristy Burt, Angela Scruggs, Janie Cole

Angela Scruggs

Hello hello! I am so excited to be back at Sanborn for my second summer! After graduating from the University of Tennessee in December 2012, I have now been spending my time filling various jobs and volunteering with the Haiti Outreach Program. I’m excited to return to Knoxville this fall and attend graduate school for business Analytics. The Junior campers need to be ready for an incredible summer full of tubing, riding, hiking, random dancing, and being hyper for two weeks straight!!

Kristy Burt

The thing to know about Kristy is that she really, really likes to be outside. She likes playing outside, from the time she was a child pretending to survive in the wilds of her back yard woods, to inventing games with campers at High Trails Ranch for Girls.  She likes to eat outside, whether that be a homemade meal eaten in the back yard at her Fort Collins home, or a peanut sauce curry concocted over a campfire in the back country of Utah.  She likes learning outside, from the smallest grasses while in an ecology course at Colorado State University to the largest mammals while in a study abroad program in Tanzania. Kristy is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to learn and play outside at High Trails this summer!

Janie Cole

Hey everyone! I am so grateful to be spending my third summer with such a fantastic group of people at High Trails.  I am a proud graduate of Salem College; a small, but fierce women’s college in North Carolina. During my time at school, I discovered my passions for Sociology, the arts, and thinking outside the box.  One of my favorite things to do on camping trips is to make ‘guacamole’ in an avocado. It’s so delicious and comes with a built in bowl!  This summer is going to be full of some amazing adventures and I can’t wait to get to know everyone who will share those adventures with me.

Sara Everhart

I have spent the past three summers as a counselor at High Trails, and I couldn’t be more stoked to come back for my fourth summer as a ridge leader. I remember way back to my first summer, and how much I have grown since then. It’s amazing the effects camp can have. In my free time I like to hike, camp, rock climb, climb mountains, surf, play rugby, anything that will get me outside. My favorite thing about the world would probably be cookies, especially Vicki’s, or maybe the banana bread, that’s pretty good too, oh and the Chippy- Dippy bars, I’ll take some of those as well. My other favorite thing would have to be stars, especially the stars on a clear warm summer Colorado night.


Top L-R: Taylor Indrebo, Clara Troyer, Amanda Nooter Middle L-R: Jenny Hartman, Jaime Olivette Bottom L-R: Emily Katz, Sean SudekumK

Jaime Olivette

Hey! I am from central New York, but have always been in love with Colorado, so I am so excited to be back at camp this summer! I just graduated from Syracuse University in December and worked the school weeks program at High Trails this spring. This summer you can find me down at the barn, loving life with the horses!

Jenny Hartman

Hello! I am Jenny Hartman and am proud to say that I will be spending my 6th summer on staff at Sanborn Western Camps! This is such an amazing place that I just keep lingering here!  This summer I will be leading horseback rides for the young ladies of Juniper who are a part of the Sanborn Junior program.  Since  I graduated college, I have spent the past few years at Sanborn teaching for the High Trails Outdoor Education with allows Colorado 6th grade students to spend 3 or 4 days living and learning at our beautiful camp! I am excited to get back in the saddle, ride my favorite horse, Aspen, and teach the horse-crazy girls how to ride!

Taylor Indrebo

Emily Katz

Hey Friendos! It’s your gurl e. katz here, keepin it fresh in the mountains for yah. Super stoked to be working at High Trails for the fourth summer down at the barn wrangle dangling those wild steeds. When I am not finishing my Geography degree at University of ColoRADo Boulder you can most likely find me outside adventuring some way or another! My current project is getting the first horse on the moon…should be out of this world!

Sean Sudekum

I’m so excited to be back for my second summer on staff at Sanborn and to be a part of the Sanborn Riding Program! I study history at New York University, but Florissant Colorado is one of my favorite places in the world. My favorite spot at camp is definitely Three Bears, my favorite trip I’ve done at camp is the 39 Mile Mtn. 5-day horse trip, and during any down time at camp, I love to throw dance parties. As a wrangler this year, I’m so excited to be able to work with girls of all ages and hope that all of the campers get a chance to make it down to the barn!

Amanda Nooter

My name is Amanda and this is my third summer at Sanborn. I am a wrangler so I spend a lot of time with the horses down at the barn! I am an Anthropology major at Grinnell College and next year I will be a senior. This past fall I studied abroad in Tanzania. I am so excited to have another great summer working with horses and the kiddos!

Clara Troyer

I’m excited to be spending my third year on staff as a High Trails Wrangler. Though I just got off the plane from studying abroad in Paris a few days before coming to camp, I could not be happier to be here for the summer. I study English at The George Washington University in DC and will be going into my senior year in the fall. My passions in life include Beyonce and traveling. My new favorite camp space is the beautifully restored art barn, but of course I love the other barn too (obvz).


L-R: Mary Gigliotti, Tessa Warner, Adrienne Jones, Jessie Spehar

Adrienne Jones – Kitchen Coordinator

I am excited to be back on staff at High Trails this year and can´t wait to spend the summer with the Sanborn Community.  A Colorado kid, I enjoy rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking with the dog, fruits and vegetables, and the sunshine!  I find that my yoga practice keeps me in touch with myself and my surroundings.  I have a niece and four nephews whom I adore.  I aspire to learn how to fish, to bake bread, and to one day see a mountain lion.

Mary Gigliotti – Outcamp

Hey y’all! I do not know how it happened, but this North Carolina girl has found herself coming back to High Trails for my third summer. While I have traveled around the UK and Ecuador, I still have a lot more traveling to do. But for right now I do know that I could not be happier knowing that I get to spend another magical summer around campfires, in aspen groves, rafting down an ice cold river, and working with amazing campers and staff.  I recently graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in Environmental Studies. This summer you will find me in OutCamp- or out in the back country! And when you find me I will probably be singing a Taylor Swift song, even though I don’t have a record deal, I love to sing!

Tessa Warner – Art Barn Lady

The perfect and ideal dream job to me would be working in the mountains with children, playing, and creating art. Low and behold this position exists and I get to fill it as the art coordinator this summer! CU Boulder granted me a BA in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, which left me excited to find new and more interesting ways to go about “doing” science. In enjoying the beauty of nature for its own sake science is being redefined for me as the study of the perfection of life and recognition of its perfect order. Beauty-ology if you will. I should also mention that I have never taken a structured art class, but don’t feel this holds me back from art in any way. I am excited to create, inspire, and adventure!

Jessie Spehar

Howdy! Never did I imagine that I’d actually get to spend 7 summers working at camp, but alas, here I am, and as the local paparazzi I’ve never been happier! I’ve spent the last few winters teaching special education students at an elementary school in Laramie, Wyoming and writing a thesis paper for my Master’s Degree from the University of Wyoming. I’ve thought long and hard about this- if I were a sidekick I’d be Grilled Cheese Sandwich to the superhero of all soups: Tomato. There’s nothing better on a cold winter’s day, I’d be warming kids’ hearts everywhere! This summer, my camera and I plan on spending as much time as possible climbing mountains, canoeing 11-mile Reservoir, eating Vicki’s cookies, and tubing the river as possible.


L-R: Tricia Goska, Whittany Eisermann, Catherine Capozzola

Whittany Eisermann

I was a military brat growing up -born in Italy, childhood in Jacksonville, FL, early teen years in Lemoore, CA, and high school/college various parts of Kansas, after nursing school, Omaha, NE, and after camp, in Colorado Springs.  This summer is so exciting because it blends two of my favorite things together:  being a nurse and being at camp.  I want to make sure this summer is safe for everyone so that we can enjoy all that camp offers.  You don’t have to be sick or hurt in order to say hi!  If I was a sidekick, I’d be one of the Planeteers for Captain Planet.  I hula hoop for a hobby.  I’ve just started working on two at once!

Tricia Goska

Wisconsin is my hometown state, and have always wanted to move out west.  Sanborn is my first stepping stone to make that dream come true.  I love camp!  Growing up, I attended Camp Onaway in Waupaca, WI on the Chain ‘O Lakes.  Five years as a camper and four years as a leader, I’d consider myself a lifer.  I have played lots of sports my whole life, tennis, waterskiing, and snowboarding being my favorites.  I also love the outdoors.  I am so excited to be able to go hiking, rather than just go for a walk on the city streets.  I love trying new things and usually always have a good time.  Some people say I giggle too much, but I don’t think that’s possible.

Catherine Capozzola

Hi! I’m Catherine and I’m going to be one of the nurses this summer.  I grew up in Albany, NY and received my degree in nursing from Villanova University.  Colorado has quickly captured my heart and I’m excited to get to spend my summer at Sanborn making sure every camper has the best, safest, healthiest summer possible. If I were a superhero side kick I would be the Super Shoelace to the awesome, world traveling, Irish Dancing pair of Converse Sneaker!


Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Summit Sunrise

“False peaks are like goals, after each one your next is a little higher”

Little oxygen, as cold as I’ve ever been, tired, hungry, tripping over my own feet, and still, I was as happy as I could be. My breath was heavy but cold and empty. I was on top of the tallest mountain in Colorado. My friends Polk and Santiago lagged just a few meters behind me. After excitement disappointment, repeat, we had finally made it to the summit. We were deep in Colorado; so deep in Colorado that a few of us got altitude sickness. Altitude sickness could only be cured, where we were, by iodized water. I drank as much salty, murky, black, iodized water as I needed to, to if it would keep me from getting sick. I remained healthy. Other happy campers were getting on my nerves, but that hardly affected my day. Even though negative aspects of the day piled up, the day I summited Mt. Elbert will always be a day I desire to relive.

I was woken up for the third time that morning by a loud shaking of my tent. I looked over and Walker was already sitting up. The tent was warm and damp, for it had rained last night. I rolled out of my sleeping bag, then, sluggishly, I forced myself outside. I went and visited a tree for a two o’clock in the morning bathroom break, and went and joined Walker, Polk, Santiago, and others for some quickly cooked oatmeal. The oatmeal was a soft, warm, brown, banana mush, but tasted like a five-star breakfast. All of the sudden we had started our hike to the top of Mount Elbert. It was a slow incline. We all conversed with one another. We talked about everything we could think of. We talked about girls, sports, television, video games, and the list goes on. That was before we hit tree-line. For those who are wildly unfamiliar with nature, tree-line is where vegetation stops growing due to lack of resources. When we hit tree-line conversation suddenly slammed to a halt. Brendon was the counselor present for this trip. Brendon was my counselor the first year I went to Sanborn Western Camps. He was a great role model and loved the outdoors. When we hit tree-line, Brendon called for a water break. Some campers sat, one of them being Santiago. I reminded him that sitting down would cause lactic acid build-up in his knees and make hiking a lot harder. He shrugged it off. We all chugged as much salty, black water as we could. Then we continued on. It started to get warmer, and we all started to be more alert, having been awake for some time now. Brendon had already summited Elbert twice. So when he pointed to the seemingly rounded off pile of rock near ahead, we all believed him. We were sure that it was 14,433 feet in altitude, and only about a fifth of a mile away; however, this assumption only lead to disappointment.

Polk and I finally came over that mound of rock, only to see a slow slope down about fifty feet and another peak. This is referred to as a false peak. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The thing that’s so exciting about false peaks is I’ve personally seen as many as seven. Each step became progressively harder and heavier. My feet had gotten to the point of clinging to the ground after every step. Then, I looked up and saw far in the distance, campers celebrating. There was only one thing that could mean. I locked my eyes onto the summit and my feet started working mechanically. Before I knew it I was watching the sun silently burst through bits of cloud in the orange sky from atop the highest point in Colorado. Sunlight trickled across the horizon. The forest we had come from was perfectly still, as if it was posing for a picture. I took it all in, and from that day on, I’ve appreciated everything a little bit more.

A friend from Colorado once said, “False peaks are like goals, after each one your next is a little higher.” I long to revisit that day. That was the first day I saw pure, unfiltered, beauty. Every time I think back to that day, I can’t help but pause for a moment and go back to the top of mighty Mount Elbert.

–Guest Post by Jake Baum, Big Spring Camper 2009-2011, Outbacker Summer 2013–