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News from Camp: August 11, 2013

Monday, August 12th, 2013

We have had another great week at camp. This morning’s gymkhana was a real highlight—riders from Big Spring and High Trails competed in horseback games in the arena and everyone from both camps cheered them on.   Saturday night’s dance with a Western Hoedown theme was also a lot of fun.

Looking out toward the goal...

Long trips at High Trails returned Thursday and Friday enthusiastic about their adventures and accomplishments.  Despite a freak cold front on Wednesday that brought snow to the high mountains where many of our trips were located, the girls persevered and completed their itineraries.  We are so proud of them! And they were proud of themselves as well!  The four-day Elbert-Massive Backpack climbed Colorado’s two tallest mountains, 14,433’ Mt Elbert and 14,421’ Mt Massive, while the four-day Oxford (14,153’)-Belford (14,197’) Backpack, also reached both of its summits.   The five-day Colorado Trail Backpack hiked along the spectacular Continental Divide and summited 14,073’ Mt. Columbia on the fourth day.  The five-day Harvard-Yale Backpack hiked in the beautiful Collegiate Peaks and climbed Mt. Harvard (14,420’) and Mt. Yale (14,196’). The Kite Lake trip climbed 14, 148’ Mt. Democrat on Wednesday in the middle of the snowstorm!  One of the Alpine Valley 3-day trips reached the top of 14,036’ Mt. Sherman. A backpack trip into the Tarryall Mountains enjoyed spectacular scenery during their four days in the wilderness. The three- four- and five-day horse trips had great experiences exploring wilderness areas south and west of camp as well as some of the more remote parts of the ranch.  All of the girls were excited about the beauty of their campsites and the fun they had together.

Big Spring campers enjoyed many exciting overnights and all-days last week including climbs of Mt. Huron, Mt. Princeton, and Mts. Oxford and Belford.  The boys also had fun on horseback overnights, rock climbing overnights, river overnights, fishing trips, a canoe overnight, a mountain bike overnight and several trips which camped out on the ranch.

The Sanborn Juniors have been enthusiastic and energetic about their activities this week. They have enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, crafts, hikes and nature programs at the Interbarn, as well as their first campout. Their group photos have been posted on the website.

Next week, Big Spring will head out on three-, four-, and five-day backpacking trips, mountain climbs and horse-pack trips.  High Trails has a variety of overnights and all-days planned including a trip to the resort town of Breckenridge on Thursday.  Sanborn Junior campers are looking forward to another campout, more horseback riding, a hike to the Florissant Fossil Beds, and an all-day tubing trip on the South Platte River.  The term is flying by and we plan to make the most of our last week together.

Our photographers will be posting last week’s photos on our website tonight and they will be available tomorrow morning.

From the Camper’s Mouths: 2nd Session Long Trips

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Kite Lake

-          By Abby G.

In the beginning, there was darkness… and then the sun came up and a couple hours later we got to our campsite. There were a bunch of people there, so we set up out tents. Yay! We had bagel sandwiches for lunch and then we sat in our tents and waited out a rainstorm. We had tortellini and cookies for dinner and then went to bed early in preparation for waking up at the dark hour of 2:00am. When we woke up, it was freezing and we layered-up. We got on the trail at 3:30 am and hiked up Mt. Democrat. When we were about halfway up (6:00am), it started to SNOW! IN SUMMER! It was pretty cool for the first 20 minutes, but then it just started making me cold. We walked up this really big hill and made it to the saddle. Then we climbed up another big hill and made it to the ridge. Then, we climbed up another big hill and summited Democrat. Oh, did I forget to mention we were climbing inside a cloud at this point? We couldn’t see 5 feet in front of us. We took some pics at the summit, and headed down. It was by far the best long trip I’ve been on!

On our way!

My Sanborn Experience (so far)

-          By Rosalind C.

This is my 4th year at Sanborn, and as always, my experience was completely different than all the other years. The only thing that this year has in common with my other years is that it has been a lot of fun. On opening day, I met all my new cabinmates and hugged the returning ones, we unpacked and I got my top bunk. The next night we had opening campfire and saw a bunch of funny skits about different activities. A few days later, we set off to Tie Cabin for cabinside overnights. We had cabinside skits the next night. I did a lot of fun art barn activities like trashy art, watercolor mobiles, and graham cracker dream homes. I did a couple hikes too. I’ve done one pool activity and played many games of Gaga. I went on a Tipi Village Overnight, where we told legends, made headdresses, and got a hair wrap! The next day, I went tubing on the river all day. This week we went on long trips. I went on Pikes Picasso, the artsy long trip. We’ve had a “Shipwreck” dance and a “Decades: Past and Future” dance! Next week, we have a Breckenridge all-day and soon camp will be over! I’ve had a lot of fun!


-author unknown

Long trips are chances to really get to know your friends, your counselors, and those people with whom you haven’t yet had the chance to really talk. When you are in the middle of nowhere, you don’t really have a choice, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to. My long trip, personally was very interesting. At times we were wet, tired, cold, overheated, and smelled like a mixture of pita pizzas and dirt. Through all the difficulties, we still didn’t summit Silverheels, but frankly, no one cared. We gained new friends, and in the end we were stronger. We may have been cold or mad, but that doesn’t matter. We gained something irreplaceable, so when your child gets home from camp, you can be proud of her for bearing through the cold, for coming out of their comfort zone, and for all their independence. Every single individual kid at Sanborn Western Camps has gained a sense of confidence.

Oxford/ Belford

-          By Mia

Out long trip was so much fun! We learned a lot about leadership skills and bonded with our cabinside. We climbed Mt. Oxford and Mt. Belford. It was so cold on the top, but it was definitely worth it! The view was amazing! We were surrounded by mountains. The climb was hard, but nothing would beat the sense of accomplishment we had.

Oxford/ Belford

-          By Sophie

My whole cabin pushed each other and got so much closer. I learned a lot about everyone and had the best time. We climbed both mountains and the view was amazing!

News from Camp: August 4, 2013

Monday, August 5th, 2013

High Trails Summit of Mt. Huron

Our week ended really well with three successful Fourteener climbs on Friday.  Mt. Ouray and Mt. Princeton were conquered by groups from High Trails, and a coed SOLE Mountain group summited Mt. Huron.  Everyone returned to camp Friday night excited by their adventures and happy to be back with everyone at camp for the weekend.

We have had a busy weekend.  Yesterday’s Saturday Special Activities were fun in the morning; in the afternoon, we all enjoyed a coed Carnival with all kinds of games, as well as cotton candy, sno-cones, and popcorn. The dance on Saturday night had a Decades theme and there were many creative costumes.  Today, we prepared for next week’s trips, and both camps will end the day with our traditional vespers services.  The boys climb to the top of Little Blue for this special celebration and the girls go to “Sunday Rocks” on B-Bluff.

We were sad to see our Third Term Juniors depart on Friday—they had been a wonderful group, and we are grateful for our time together.  We have had a lot of fun greeting our Fourth Term Juniors today.  They have a busy week planned including their first camp-out on the Ranch, horseback rides, exciting hikes, swimming crafts and much more.

Next week the girls will leave camp for three-, four- and five-day trips.  Some will head out on horse pack trips; others have chosen four- and five-day high mountain backpacks into some of Colorado’s most pristine wilderness.  Other trips will be based in spectacular alpine areas like Silver Heels, Kite Lake near Alma and Eleven-Mile Reservoir.  Many groups will have the opportunity to climb mountains, and we know that our summit count will grow.

Big Spring has planned an exciting program of overnights and all-day trips including mountain climbing trips to Mt. Princeton, Mt. Huron, and Mts. Oxford and Belford.  The boys will also be horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping on the ranch and tubing on the river.  Their “long trips” are scheduled for the week of August 12.

We will post photos from the week on our website later tonight.  Keep watching our Facebook page too—we post nuggets from camp often during the week.