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News from Camp: February 1, 2016

Monday, February 1st, 2016

High Trails Lake has presented us with a whole new level of wintertime fun at camp!

Although we haven’t had a lot of snow this month, our December storms left enough on the ground to keep Big Spring and High Trails very wintery looking. The High Trails Lake is frozen solid and some of the staff have enjoyed ice-skating on our natural “rink”. We may even get a Broomball game together one of these days!

Mike, Elizabeth, and Matthew have enjoyed seeing many of you as they traveled through the Midwest with our digital slide show program. They have appreciated their warm receptions and enthusiasm for the coming summer.

February is a busy month as we prepare for the summer of 2016. A major project throughout the winter is to hire the summer staff—counselors and wranglers, nurses and A.C.s. We are always so proud of the outstanding college men and women who spend their summers contributing enthusiasm, fun, and nurturing leadership for the young people who attend Big Spring, High Trails, and Sanborn Junior. We already have a great group of returning staff lined up and are making careful selections among new applicants now.

The National Convention of the American Camp Association will be held in Atlanta in mid-February, and we will be participating in full force. Jane is the Chairperson for this year’s conference and has been working on an outstanding educational program for many months. Ariella, Elizabeth, and Patrick will be leading educational sessions at the conference, and Jessie is an official photographer for the event. Mike, Matthew, Jeremy, Jalen, Carlotta, Janie, Martie, and Sarah will also be attending the conference. This type of training helps us to stay on top of evolving issues and inspires us to continue to improve our program each summer.

Our maintenance team continues to work on various projects to improve our facilities.  They are finishing up an interior remodel of the Big Spring staff cabins and of the ABC washhouses.  They are also working on interior renovations in the High Trails Lodge.

Maren, Rachel, and Oliver Fisher are hard at work preparing the riding program for next summer and making sure the horses are all ready for their busy season. It won’t be long before we start having new calves at the Witcher Ranch.

We are all excited about the community that is coming together for the summer of 2016 and can’t wait to begin the fun. We are happy to mail our brochure and DVD to anyone interested in camp and to provide references for new families. If camp is in your plans, please let us know soon, as we have several grades in both terms at High Trails and the first term at Big Spring which are filled or near filling. Several terms of Sanborn Junior are also building waiting lists.