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News from Camp: March 1, 2017

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

All of the work on summer documents and curricula have us dreaming of playing outside this summer!

Our days are alternating between cold winter and warm spring days—very normal for Colorado at this time of year! Our wildlife have been much more active as the warmer weather increases and we have seen herds of deer and elk, as well as a lot of wild turkeys.

We have many projects underway in preparation for camp next summer.  Mike Mac, Mike A., Mark, Ariella, and Elizabeth have been hiring outstanding staff members for next summer.  We have some great returning staff as well as some wonderful new staff signed up for the summer of 2017.

We are also working on a brand new Sanborn Western Camps website which we hope to complete before the end of April. Many of you have already seen our new camp brochure which we completed in December. Mike A and Anne are working on a new “Backcountry Basics” to update our information on “Leave No Trace” camping, and Carlotta and Claire have been putting together delicious menus for the summer. Val, Megan and Jalen have been updating the ridge leader handbook and SOLE/CORE leadership curriculums. Jessie is creating new newsletters which enrolled campers will be receiving this spring and keeping our Facebook fresh with new postings at least twice a week.

Only 101 days until Opening Day 2017!

We are working on many areas of the program, too, which will provide some exciting new activities and trips this summer.  Everyone has been busy putting together plans and resources for each activity so by the time June arrives, we will have everything ready!

Maren, Rachel, and Annie have been making plans for our super horseback riding program, designing activities and trips that will be lots of fun and also allow everyone from beginner to advanced riders to improve their riding skills.

Our maintenance crew is working on a variety of projects to improve and update our facilities in both camps.  These include a major renovation of the kitchen and dishroom in the High Trails Lodge, as well as some improvements to the Ark at Big Spring.  We also plan to have a new program yurt at Big Spring before summer begins.

Camp is only three months away and we can’t wait.  Already we have campers and staff from 38 states and 9 countries—and we’re adding more every day.  The fun and friendship which occur when all of these great people get together is what makes camp so special!  We are happy to send our brochure to anyone interested in learning more about the exciting programs at Big Spring, High Trails, and Sanborn Junior.