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News from Camp: April 1, 2017

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

The Pasque Flowers seem to be extra fuzzy this year with all the temperature changes.

Significant rain and snowfall during the last couple of weeks has provided wonderful moisture and a promise of spectacular wildflowers and full ponds in the coming months. Despite the snow, a few of our summer birds, including bluebirds and robins, have returned to the Ranch so we know spring is on the way. Our first wildflowers, the hardy Mountain Candytuft and the Pasque flower have also been spotted on south-facing slopes. We know that summer will be here before we know it and are inspired to work harder than ever on our many pre-summer projects. The summer staff will begin arriving in less than two months.

Speaking of staff, we have some great people returning for 2017! At Big Spring, returning staff include Elliott Abbott, Ian Anderson, Ayden Bolin, Ben Cole, Henry Ewing, Kevin Fernandez, Oliver Fisher, Drew Foster, Kyle Gilbert, Will Gundlach, Slayter Marwitz, David Maxwell, Dylan Morris, Evan Niebur, Jack Polk, Michael Rainey, Adam Resseguie, Joe Roberts, Leo Scheller, Alex Stoffel, Emerson Underwood, Jordan Unger, Stephen VanAsdale, Bret Wolter and nurses Margot Cromack and Phil Hackmann. Martie Adams and Jalen Bazile will be the Program Directors. Mike Mac will lead the staff, with the help of Assistant Directors Mark Rutberg and Mike Adler.

It's always so fun to head to Witcher and visit the new calves each spring, especially when they are extra cute and little because they are twins!

At High Trails, returning staff include Kelly Ahman, Sarah Ashby, Emily Burnham, Claire Collins, Nell Davis, Erin Dvorak, Claire Foster, Jenna Howard, Cara Mackesey, Molly Malone, Zannie Peck, Randi Presas, Gwen Schmidt-Arenales, Blair Sisk, Chloe Stiffle, and Haylee Vieregg. Among our year-round staff, Anne Shingler will be Program Director, Val Peterson and Megan Blackburn will again be Ridge Leaders, Carlotta Avery will take care of the camp kitchens and trip organization, Maren MacDonald and Annie McDevitt will direct the riding program, Jessie Spehar will take plenty of canoe and river trips and Ariella and Elizabeth will keep everyone organized. We also have a great group of former campers returning as staff members, and some wonderful new staff who will join us for the first time.

We have begun our Spring outdoor education program and are excited to provide experiential, nature-based classes for 4th– 6th graders from 15 schools over the next six weeks.

Our April will be filled with putting the finishing touches on improved programs and trips for this summer, renovation projects to improve our facilities, hiring the last few summer staff and counting the days until camp begins. We’ll be painting, cleaning, flying tents, and planting flowers in no time.

Our 2017 community is really coming together. We only have a few openings left in select grades at Big Spring and in the First and Second terms of Sanborn Junior at Big Spring. Families interested for the summer of 2017 should call to check availability. As always, we are happy to send our brochure and references to any interested families.

We can’t wait to begin creating the fun, adventure, and friendship of the Summer of 2017!