Can Documentaries Connect Us With Nature?

In a recent New York Times Opinions Page discussion, nature savants debate the issue of nature documentaries supplementing for the real deal.

“Humans have always been fascinated by nature, but these days many of us are following our curiosity to the multiplex or the couch, rather than the backyard or the beach. Families are flocking to theaters for the new Disney documentary “Chimpanzee,” and grown-ups have been tuning in at home for the Discovery series “Frozen Planet.” (And now dogs can watch squirrels on TV.)

Are films and shows like these helping to connect viewers with the natural world? Or do they contribute to “nature deficit disorder,” replacing the experience of spending time outdoors?”

Check out what some experts are saying about the matter, including Ming Kuo, Fred Kaufman, and our man of the year, Richard Louv.

Well, what do you think?

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