Opening Session at ACA National Conference

100 Campers for the 100th Birthday Celebration!

Our super Sanborn Western Camps choir crew ask, "Why no Dew?"

Singing "Choo-Choo-Cha!"

The first day at the ACA National Conference in Denver, CO, 100 Colorado campers kicked off the ceremony by singing camp songs with the nearly 1000 conference attendees. Elizabeth Rundle, along with other directors and staff members from the Rocky Mountain Section, had the privilege of teaching the campers the camp songs (new for some) transporting the kids to and from the conference venue, getting them lunch, and just hanging out with them.

When the campers arrived in “Capitol Ballroom C” the energy in the air was electrified. The campers were SO excited to be there—and they loved the unique opportunity to connect with other camp-loving kids from all over the area.

They wowed the audience with a three-part round, an interactive call and response that left Those Of Us Above 30 bent over at the waist, elbows back, knees together and tongue out while singing, and a beautiful camp modified rendition of “Taps.”

Most of all, they energized the 100th anniversary celebration of an organization made up of so many fantastic individuals from all over the country and world who are committed to the importance of a camp experience for each and every child.

Because of camp….

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