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Getting To Know You: Meet Our #GNO Twitter Party Panelists

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Tonight, from 9-11 p.m. EST (7-9 p.m. MST), Sanborn Western Camps is sponsoring a #GNO Twitter Party with host Mom It Forward about The Benefits of Summer Camp and How To Pick a Summer Camp.

The Twitter hashtag #gno stands for “Girls (& Guys!) Night Out”.  Once you are on Twitter, do a search on the hashtags #gno and #sanborncamps to join the chat or click here to follow the chat using Tweetgrid.  This promises to be a very informative, fun conversation with folks from all over the country.  It will get you pumped up to pick a great camp for your kids this summer!

Sanborn Western Camps is giving away a full Sanborn Junior tuition (or a 1/2 tuition for the full term) for summer 2010 or 2011,  based on availability.  Visit for more details on how to enter.

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our panelists for tonight’s #gno party.  They are great people to follow on Twitter and in the blogosphere.  We look forward to their insights and contributions during tonight’s event.  Think summer!

Our tremendous panelists are:

@acacamps The American Camp Association (formerly known as the American Camping Association) is a community of camp professionals who, for nearly 100 years, have joined together to share our knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. Because of our diverse 7,000 plus membership and our exceptional programs, children and adults have the opportunity to learn powerful lessons in community, character-building, skill development, and healthy living — lessons that can be learned nowhere else. Learn more about ACA and their rigorous camp accreditation process by visiting

@acacampparents is a comprehensive summer camp resource for families—offering expert advice from camp professionals on camp selection, readiness, child and youth development, and issues of importance to families. ACA helps you find the right camp for every child.  Dawn Swindle, head of ACA Publications (both print and web) will be tweeting using @acacampparents during tonight’s #gno Twitter party.  With her years at ACA, and as a long time camp professional, Dawn is a great resource for parents and camp professionals alike.  Learn more about Dawn and use the impressive camp finder tool at

@annie_fox Annie Fox is a prolific writer, great thinker, youth development expert, excellent speaker, and phenomenal correspondent.  From writing books, designing computer programs for kids, and being a phenomenal correspondent, Annie takes youth development and growth TO the teens and families she serves on her website, blog and Twitter posts.  Visit Annie Fox and learn more about answers to tough questions facing tweens, teens and beyond at

@ashleykingsley Ashley E. Kingsley thrives on connecting people and is a solid engineer of community. She brings years of marketing, social media and community relations expertise to her clients at  Ashley is a lucky wife, Mama of two kids and two dogs. Ashley has been blogging since 2004, considers herself an early adopter, a wild event thrower, and a loyal and adamant promoter of community. Ashley founded @TwitStroll a diverse and spontaneous alternative to the #TweetUp designed for people that do better “on the fly.” As a Colorado native, camping, hiking and skiing are at the top of her list.

@balmeras Bethe Almeras, The Grass Stain Guru, is an award-winning author, web producer, and eLearning designer. Co-founder of the National Wildlife Federation’s Green Hour®, she has been connecting people with play and nature for many years. A gifted speaker and trainer, Bethe also specializes in inclusive education and accessibility issues for individuals with disabilities.  We love Bethe because, as she says, “I also believe that childhood was meant to be messy. Muddy. Slimy. Silly. And most of all, joyful. Steeped in awe and wonder, childhood should be spent outdoors as much as possible, and should rely on imagination and whimsy as much as it does on rules and regulations.  I firmly believe that nature is the best therapist and teacher any of us will ever have, and that the magic of childhood should be rooted there, and the peace of adulthood is waiting there. It’s not only in nature, but the connections we make with ourselves, and each other, when we slow down long enough to notice the beauty around us and simply play.”  Agreed!  Visit her at

@CarissaRogers Carissa Rogers is “a Mom of all trades…a Jack of NONE.”   She is a consummate blogger, reader and co-founder of the MomItForward and #gno concept.  She has three wonderful children and, like many panelists, believes in Manifest Destiny…and she just keeps going West.  She writes about her family, blogging and social media tips, great books she’s read, and really tasty recipes (some of which may find their way into the Sanborn Western Camps kitchens this summer!).  We are excited to have Carissa as a panelist because she knows all of the tricks and tips to make everyone’s ideas and voices heard.  Read more about All Things Carissa at

@fleurdeleigh Leigh Caraccioli is a Master.  A Master Photographer, a Master Mother, a Master of Technology, and a Master of the Real (not unlike “The Matrix”).  Leigh seeks to “craft a moment in time” for her photography clients—to capture and sculpt a memory which will both captivate and last, but she also values the ephemeral, fluid nature of the online social media experiment where she has made, and maintains, true and close friendships.  With technological connections so important to her and so much about camp being “unplugged,” Leigh might seem like an odd panelist. Yet we knew we had a kindred spirit when she wrote in her blog about a camping trip where she WAS going to unplug because, “I need to draw true warmth from my loved ones around me. I want to sit and listen to the birds, feel the rift of waves on the side of the oar flanked boat.  I need to catch a large mouthed bass, with my father at my side. I cannot hear, see, smell and taste as well when I am talking. (ie; tweeting).  I plan to embrace the chatter of nature over the chatter of social society. I need to plug back in to nature’s outlet and feed my little outdoor girl soul.” Connect with Leigh by visiting

@FreeRangeKids Lenore Skenazy was vaulted into a Brave New World when she published a column in The New York Sun titled, “Why I Let My 9 Year Old Take the Subway Alone.”  Many parents branded her “The World’s Worst Mom”—but many others said, “Thank you.”  In her words, “Free-Rangers believe in helmets, car seats, seat belts — safety!  We just do NOT believe that every time school age kids go outside, they need a security detail.”  Lenore’s book and blog provide tips, humor and a good dose of common sense to help all of us raise wise, independent, thoughtful, and functional children in these uncommonly overprotective times.  Learn more about Lenore at

@JasonFlom Jason Flom is a Super Dad, incredible teacher, inspired writer, former Outward Bound instructor, and vocal outdoor educator.  He teaches 5th grade in Tallahassee, FL, but also blogs for, has started a Green Schools group on and is a regular contributor to the daily Twitter #edchat.  He is funny, articulate, and dedicated to quality education both inside and outside the classroom.  In a blog post, Jason surmised that kids (and their educators) just need to get outside. “How do we help students understand the dynamic nature of our planet? Go outside. How do we give students a baseline of experience with nature to help them appreciate the value (and necessity) of it? Go outside. How can we strengthen students’ insights into how nature solves problems in order to create and cultivate sustainable innovations? Go outside. How can we provide authentic opportunities for students to strengthen their engineering skills while broadening their understanding of natural materials? Go outside. How can we keep students active in authentic ways while also providing a relevant context for numerous academic concepts? Go outside.” Read more of Jason’s posts and watch an incredible video his students made to promote their fundraiser, “Haitian Food for Haitian Lives” at

@JylMomIF Jyl Johnson Pattee lives, works, and breathes a special kind of magic.  As the founder of, Jyl combines a passion for communication and people, and she launched the site in 2008 with the mission to “change the world one mom at a time.”  We think the concept is a perfect use for value-added social media (and a great metaphor for human relations all the way around)—great ideas are TOO great not to be shared.  She is THE hostess of the weekly #gno parties on Twitter, which started in September 2008. Jyl is known as a “connector” who brings good ideas and people together both on and offline to make a positive impact for causes and brands through education and sharing of experiences.  Jyl is also a tremendous mother to two active boys, an intrepid traveler, the creator of the EVO conference, a wonderful writer, an occasionally irreverent wife to Troy, and a great friend to any parent online.  Please take the time to visit her and learn more about Jyl, the EVO conference, the Mom It Forward movement, #gno and much, much more at

@momspark Amy Bellgardt is the mom of two very active boys in Oklahoma.  Amy created Mom Spark in July 2008 as a way to connect with other moms who were experiencing the same joys and challenges of parenting she was. She wanted Mom Spark to become a community of women who love to laugh, learn, and support fellow parents. In addition to the blog, Mom Spark also has a forum, which is open 24 hours a day.  In addition to Mom Spark, Amy also runs the successful Mom Made That!, a site for supporting and promoting mom businesses.  Mom Made That! has over 200 business listings and was just recently recommended by Etsy as an economical method of advertising.  Visit Amy and learn more about Mom Spark at

@rockandrollmama Lindsay Maines is a camp-loving mom of three who lives in the DC suburbs and loves music.  Yet, like all parents, she has struggled to balance her and her husband’s musical passion (they both play bass—he is the bass player for the band Clutch) and the needs of her family.  After connecting with her on Twitter, we have learned she has excellent abilities—not only musically (she plays the bass, too)—but in creating time for her family, herself, and for her community…her blog posts are informative, thoughtful, and real.  We love this rockin’ mama!  Learn more about Lindsay by visiting

@sanborncamps Ariella Rogge, Program Director/Assistant Director/Outdoor (and indoor) Eductor/Social Media Junkie/Mom of Two Boy Wonders/Toilet Plunger, manages the @sanborncamps Twitter account both day (and more consistently) by night.  Ariella has been involved in some capacity (see “Toilet Plunger”) at Sanborn Western Camps since she was 12.  She is a true believer in the transformational power of the camp experience for all children because for her, like Richard Louv (author of “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder) says, “The woods were my Ritalin. Nature calmed me, focused me, and yet excited my senses.”  She would love to answer any questions you might have about summer camp (or help direct you to the right person!)—either at Sanborn or anywhere else—feel free to email her at ariella at sanbornwesterncamps dot com.

@texasholly Holly Homer is a HUGE advocate for the summer camp experience.  As a counselor for four summers she thought she had seen it all—then she had kids.  She has three great boys and writes a blog that gives voice to EVERYTHING that your inner voice may say (with really fabulous Crayola marker sketches to boot).  Even though she drives a minivan, this Uber Mom is no June Cleaver.  Check out Holly’s blog and join in one of her riotous “Potlucks” at

@TroyPattee Troy Pattee is a Man Among Women.  Troy is THE “G” in #GNO.  Troy’s wife, Jyl, founded the Twitter #GNO (Girls Night Out) party—and has brought her affable “Guy” with her to every event.  @sanborncamps first connected on Twitter with Troy—and later with Jyl—because he has an unnerving propensity to be skiing EXACTLY when we wish WE were skiing (and, we’ll admit it, sometimes the snow IS better in Utah).  Troy has a brand new, and fabulous blog called where he will be sharing tales and adventures with other like minded dads…and—knowing Troy–probably moms, too.  Check out the new blog at and hang with him during the weekly Tuesday night #gno Twitter parties.

@zealandsmom Danielle Wann is a long-time camp enthusiast, and loves her trips out West!  She is also the host of #bfcafe (breast feeding café) a Twitter party that has great giveaways every Thursday evening.  Though her kiddos are too young to head to camp just yet, with her breast-feeding, baby-wearing, eco-wise attachment parenting practices, they will—undoubtedly—become intelligent, educated stewards of the Earth…who are going to have a TON of fun at camp!  Learn more about Danielle at