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Building Interview #2: Quick’s Homestead

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

The gate is open and the wire and wooden post is covered in snow. Where are the juniors running around the campfire waiting for their chili mac to finish? I’ve seen a lot of light saber duals around this house, not to mention the amount of shady deals gone down in the feed-store-turned-saloon in front of the homestead. Soon school groups will be here. They will move from the tool shed to the caved-in potato cellar, across the wooden boards to the barn, and out to see the old carriages and plows rusted out and wood bleached from the sun in the field.

I interviewed the stove.

WM: What’s cooking?

S: Heh, not much.

WM: It was only a question, don’t get overheated!

S: Wow, that’s great.

WM: Thanks. You ever get to read the books in here?

S: Sometimes, but I’m not a big reader.

WM: What do you want to be when you’re older?

S: A Stove.

WM: Ha, good one. Uh… [WM shuffles through his pad of paper.] Ever heard of television?

S: Nope.

WM: A Jet Boil?

S: No.

WM: You hear how many retweets Ellen DeGeneres got at the Oscars?

S: Nope.

WM: Like over 2 million.

It’s hard to imagine, this winter flying back and forth home to Massachusetts, driving down to Colorado Springs to see a movie in 3D, driving to Crested Butte to ski for the weekend, that Quick’s is always here. That it always smells like this. That at 2pm the sun looks like this. The tools are lying just so, waiting for us to find them in the Spring and hand to wide-eyed children. I sometimes think the ground squirrels always hide in the rafters of the tool shed until I walk up, exploding across the wooden boards and vanishing with a flip of their tail out of sight.

WM: A microwave?

S: [She shakes her head.]

WM: It’s really neat, it’s got these buttons and you can make a hotdog in 45 seconds. 1 minute if you want it to split—

S: Look, can we wrap this up soon?

WM: Wait! Sorry I’m so nervous, it’s just… you’re my favorite stove.

S: [Stove brightens up.] OK. Let’s try again, then.

WM: Sorry about before. I didn’t mean to grill you.

Building Interview #1: High Trails Kitchen

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

High Trails Dish Room

Ian and I pull into the snowy High Trails “parking lot” after deciding not to do the Speedwagon as our first interview, or the High Trails Craft Barn, and that we probably didn’t have enough time to get out to Quicks and back before Ian’s interview, and so I roll down the Suburban’s window to open the door because there’s no handle inside the car, and realize I have no idea how one even conducts a building interview. I guess I figured we’d take an artsy picture, and I’d write some insightful, nostalgic stuff about how it looks in the wintertime.

WM: I really appreciate you taking the time out to do this.

HT Kitchen: Sure, no problem.

WM: So: is it lonely out here?

HT Kitchen: Excuse me?

WM: I mean, without all the kids.

HT Kitchen: It gets quiet, but no, I’m not lonely. I don’t mind the quiet.

WM: How many squirrels live inside here?

HT Kitchen: No squirrels.

WM: Alright… Well, you know, I actually heard—

HT Kitchen: Sorry, but what is all this about?

WM: [WM puts his hand over the microphone] Off the record, OK?

HT Kitchen: …OK.

WM: How many squirrels?

An Artsy Picture

None of Vicki’s tools hang from the bakery hooks. The cookie jar isn’t even out on the table, with a few careless crumbs at the bottom. There is no reason to be here, and it is colder inside the kitchen than in the bakery. The stainless steel of the dish machine looks like we’d just sprayed it with vinegar and wiped it with dishrags hung from our aprons. A Nalgene and red mug sit next to the faucet, and sump buckets and fork and knife and spoon buckets and the kitchen’s serving spoon/whisk/colored nonstick paring knife/soup ladle bucket all lie downside-up in what we affectionately call the other window.

WM: What’s your opinion on net neutrality?

HT Kitchen: There’s no wi-fi here over the winter.

WM: Great! I think that’s all I need.

HT Kitchen: That’s it?

WM: [WM stands and they shake hands] Yep. See you March 27th!

HT Kitchen: I mean, but if you want to come by before then, if you’re in the neighborhood or something, you could… I mean to say, if you had nothing else to do.

[WM stands, silhouetted by the setting sun behind him, and with enough orange afterglow to light his slow smile and his almost imperceptible, yet fully sincere, head-nod, he gathers his things and leaves.]