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Klean Karma for YOU!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Kleanin' Karma (and socks) Since 1948

As we head into our 2015 Sanborn Road Show Midwest Tour, we look forward to seeing many current and past campers, camp families, alums, and staff. These individuals in each of our Road Show cities always articulate and echo the value of the camp experience to the new and prospective campers and camp families in attendance.

We have realized that some of you miss out on the opportunity to share stories and highlights of your Sanborn experience with the World-At-Large, so we would like to encourage you to take a couple of moments and share your thoughts in our new, online review site.

This process not only gives voice to your personal Sanborn Western Camps experiences for Everyone On The Planet to enjoy, but it gives the data-driven logarithms of technological monoliths like Google good stuff to share.

And we like to share.

So thank you, Awesome Sanborn Friends Who Don’t Live in Road Show Cities. And, if you DO live in Chicago, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or Santa Fe, we hope to see you at the Road Show this next week (sorry, Denver, have to wait until February 11th, now).  And for our Sanborn Road Show attendees, if you aren’t The Type To Stand Up And Spout Testimonials In Front Of Strangers, then simply fill out this quick online review instead.

Your Karma will be forever Klean because of it.

Meet Our New Program Director

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Pick: Do I have to wear this in the summer?

Hey There!  My name is Brian Picknally and I am the new Program Director at Big Spring Ranch here at Sanborn Western Camps.  Most of the team calls me Pick.  I came to camp as a counselor at Big Spring in the Summer of 2008 between college semesters, and had the chance to return as an instructor at High Trails Outdoor Education Center in the Fall of 2009.

While I do not have an extensive background here in Florissant, I have been impacted greatly in the few seasons I have spent here.  I am very excited about the opportunity to be back at Sanborn to impact the lives of the kids that are going to come through camp this summer!

A little bit about me.  I was born and raised outside Philadelphia, PA and I am a huge Philly Sports fan.  I studied Physical Education at James Madison University in Virginia and really developed a passion for working with and educating kids.  Prior to returning to Sanborn, I worked as an instructor for pre-school aged kids, teaching fitness and movement concepts in the Philadelphia area.  I enjoy an active lifestyle which includes anything outdoors, ** particularly base jumping, hacky sack, and long walks on the beach.

(** I also love spending time with my family and friends, going to the beach, cooking and grilling, reading Calvin & Hobbes, making S’mores, attending sporting events, and listening to/dancing to live music.)

A life experience that I will never forget was bicycling across the United States with my 4 roommates from JMU upon graduating in the Summer of 2009.  The trip began in Harrisonburg, Virginia and ended in Astoria, Oregon, covering 4,000 + miles and 11 different states in 2 ½ months!  It was truly a remarkable experience in which I learned a lot about myself, my best friends, and the beauty and people of this country.  We also had the chance to stop through Sanborn on our journey and spend a few nights here while camp was in-session.  I feel that this experience really ties into the mission of Sanborn Western Camps, which is to live together in the outdoors building a sense of self, community, earth and wonder through fun and adventure.  My roommates and I did just that, day and night, for 2 ½ months.

What does camp mean to me?  To me, camp is a place where individuals grow and learn.  This includes everyone: Big Spring, High Trails, campers, counselors, ridge leaders, wranglers, AC’s, kitchen staff, and the leadership team.  We all benefit from the camp experience in a positive way and are better people because of the time we spend here at camp and at Sanborn in particular.  I remember heading back to the east coast after my first summer and saying “this is a place that I will come back to.”  At the time, I was unsure of how that would look or when that would happen, but I felt it inside me that I would return in some capacity.  That was the impression that Sanborn left on me after just one summer.  For anyone who spends any amount of time here, the effect is lasting and powerful.

That being said, I am stoked to be a part of the leadership team here at Sanborn and I can’t wait for Summer 2011!

I Zigga Zumba

-  Pick