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Unpacking at Camp

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Unpacking and organizing at camp tends to be a very different experience from your room at home with a full sized closet, dresser, major floor space. To that end, we figured we’d consult with the leading experts and find out exactly what are some of the tips and tricks that make living at camp, with all your gear, as organized as possible. Depending on which type of dwelling you live in at camp, the process will also change a bit! So you will see this blog divided into High Trails and Big Spring, with Big Spring divided into each type of dwelling.


Locker at High Trails

Plastic Drawers give you more individualized storage.

Every High Trails lady will have her very own locker (approximately 21”w x 22”d x 34”H to the hanging bar and each shelf is 11”H), a cubby in the bathroom, and access to the shared space under the bathroom sinks. Keep in mind that by no means is the following advice mandatory to be followed, nor is it impossible to live an organized life at camp without doing these things. We just figured we’d hit on some of those, “Oh! That’s a great idea!” moments.
Each locker includes two shelves and a bar for hangers. One great idea is to bring the skinny size plastic drawers to create more containment spaces, for stationary and accessories, hats, gloves, or undergarments. If plan on driving to camp, this is an easy thing to even pack those items in while at home and then deposit straight in your locker upon arrival. Many campers ship luggage to camp and these can pack up easily in a box. (I wouldn’t recommend carrying one on an airplane. Yikes!)
Something easy to pack into airplane luggage would be a hanging shelf apparatus, usually intended for sweaters or shoes, but can hold many things. The one shown happens to be much longer than you can see, but all that excess just bunches up quite nicely on the locker floor and stays out of the way underneath. This way you have lots of compartments and they are easy to see. Shoe boxes can also be easily packed into suitcases and used to store
undergarments and things.

High Trails Lockers

Hanging shoe organizers are also great options for organizing your locker.

The top shelf of the locker is quite deep, with room to stack extra sheets
behind pants and sweatshirts where they stay out of the way and clean and folded until they are needed. Above the lockers is ample room for hiking packs, sleeping bags, and other overnight paraphernalia.
When it comes to life in the bathroom, think awesome learning experience for college dorm life! We have hanging cubbies provided in each bathroom with room in them for toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair accessories. Having a plastic caddy to hold all those other hygiene items under the sinks makes finding your stuff really easy.
So now that you’re unpacked and organized what about making it feel like home. Pictures from home and small posters and everyone’s colorful pillowcases quickly make the cabins look like they belong to each group of girls living there.


At Big Spring the type of living unit you live in depends on your age. The Junior Boys (ages 7-9 years) live in one of 2 cabins, Massive or Red Cloud. The youngest month long campers (ages 9-11 years) live in the Yurts. The rest of the guys (ages 12-16 years) live in the big green tents! This means that the best unpacking strategies are different for each type of summer home!

Junior Cabins at Big Spring

Lockers in the Junior's Cabins

CABINS (Junior Boys)
Each guy in the cabins will have his own locker that can hold all your things. The lockers are 21”W, 22”D, three shelves 11”H each and lots of floor space for shoes and backpacks. Shoe box sized Rubbermaid totes can be great to keep socks and other small items in. You can also store sleeping bags and daypacks on top of your locker. There are cubbies in the bathroom for all your toiletry items.

YURTS (month long campers ages 9-11)
In the Yurts using your luggage as a “closet” works best. There is room at the end of your bunkbed to sit your trunk or duffle. The yurts also have lattice work around the walls that jackets and other items can be hung from and tucked into, so if you have a couple of those hangers that fit over the door at home – these work really well.

Yurts at Big Spring

Yurts at Big Spring

Things can also be hung from the beams in the ceiling. Hanging shoe organizers can make good cubbies when hung from the bunkbed or the ceiling. In the washhouse, you’ll have a cubby for all your toiletries and other smelly items.

Tents at Big Spring

Tents at Big Spring

TENTS (month long campers ages 12-16)
In a tent using the space under your bed is ideal! Store your backpack, shoes, sports gear under there. Using your trunk or duffel for your other clothes keeps them all in your space.
The tops of trunks can also be used as table tops for games and your waterbottle. Each tent is held to the frame with straps and clips – you can hang your calendar and mail in the clips next to your bed. In the washhouse you’ll have your own cubby for all your toiletry items.

We are excited for opening day and everyone to move in, we hope this this helps give some quick ideas that will make it easier to keep track of every sock you bring to camp! If you have any other questions about unpacking at camp please send us an email or give us a call: Contact us

or call (719) 748-3341   We can’t wait to see you and all your stuff soon!

Camp News: March Update

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

The Iconic Aspen Grove

The last days of February brought two really good snowstorms, and we are really happy to have the moisture. The longer days and increased activities of our wild animal friends remind us that Spring is just around the corner, and this makes us even more excited about the coming camp season.

We have many projects underway in preparation for camp next summer. One of the most exciting is that we are building a new health center at High Trails. This new state-of-the art facility will be light and airy and will be convenient and comfortable both for our nurses and campers/students. It will be open by the time our First Term campers arrive this summer. You can follow the progress on our Facebook page.

Our maintenance crew is working on a variety of projects to improve and update our facilities in both camps. These include new roofs on cabins at High Trails, new tent frames at Big Spring, new Gaga pits for both camps, and many others.

Mike, Ian, Ariella, and Elizabeth have been hiring some outstanding staff members for next summer. We have some great returning staff as well as some super new staff signed up for the summer of 2013. We are working on many areas of the program, too, which will provide some exciting new activities and trips this summer.

Ian, Kelly, Ariella and others are keeping our Facebook site fresh and active with new posts every day. You can also check out our blog which has valuable information for families, alums, and youth development professionals.

Camp is only three months away and we can’t wait. Already we have campers and staff from 41 states and 10 countries—and we’re adding more every day. The fun and friendship which occurs when all of these great people get together is what makes camp so special! We are happy to send our brochure and DVD to anyone interested in learning more about the exciting programs at Big Spring, High Trails, and Sanborn Junior.

Highest Mountain In Colorado!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

June 29,  9:00 AM

A group from High Trails reached the top of 14,440’ Mt. Elbert, Colorado’s highest mountain, this morning in time for the sunrise!   We have trips from Big Spring climbing Mts. Oxford and Belford as well as Mt. Princeton this morning and are looking forward to hearing from them during the next two hours.

At High Trails, we will be picking up our remaining trips today—the 5-day Colorado Trail Backpack, the Elbert-Massive 5-day backpack, and the Tarryalls 4-day Backpack, and the 5-day Horse Trip will be heading back to the stables.  We look forward to being all together again this evening.  The boys’ trips will also return by dinner so the Big Spring Lodge will be full as well.

The Junior Campers in both camps will be returning from their overnights by lunch and we look forward to hearing of their adventures!

News from the Waldo Canyon Fire continues to be good.  Firefighters are announcing 15% containment and allowing some of the evacuees in Colorado Springs to return to their homes.  The Air Force Academy is resuming normal operations.  The western line of the fire appears to be secure which is good news for Woodland Park.  Rain yesterday afternoon over the whole area, including camp, has helped the firefighting efforts.

More news this evening…Jane

Sanborn Western Camps News Update: August 7, 2011

Monday, August 8th, 2011

We have had another great week at camp. Rainy evenings have not dampened our spirits and the sunny days have been perfect for our many activities and trips. This morning’s gymkhana was a real highlight—riders from Big Spring and High Trails competed in horseback games in the arena and everyone from both camps cheered them on. Saturday night’s dance with a Western Hoedown theme was also a lot of fun.

Long trips at High Trails returned Thursday and Friday enthusiastic about their adventures and accomplishments. The four-day Elbert-Massive Backpack climbed Colorado’s two tallest mountains, 14,433’ Mt Elbert and 14,421’ Mt Massive. The five-day Colorado Trail Backpack hiked along the spectacular Continental Divide and summited 14,073’ Mt. Columbia on the fourth day. The five-day Harvard-Yale Backpack hiked in the beautiful Collegiate Peaks and climbed Mt. Harvard (14,420’) in the same day. The Kite Lake three-day climbed 14, 148’ Mt. Democrat on Wednesday and the Alpine Valley 3-day trip reached the top of 14,036’ Mt. Sherman. Backpack trips into the Tarryall Mountains, and Mt. Silverheels enjoyed spectacular scenery during their four days in the wilderness. The four- and five-day horse trips had great experiences exploring wilderness areas south and west of camp. All of the girls were excited about the beauty of their campsites and the fun they had together.

Big Spring campers enjoyed many exciting overnights and all-days last week including climbs of Mt. Huron, Mt. Princeton, La Plata Peak, and Mts. Oxford and Belford. The boys also had fun on horseback overnights, rock climbing overnights, river overnights, fishing trips, a canoe overnight, and several trips which camped out on the ranch.

The Sanborn Juniors have been enthusiastic and energetic about their activities this week. They have enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, crafts, hikes and nature programs at the Interbarn. Their group photos have been posted on the website with the tent and cabinside photos.

Next week, Big Spring will head out on three-, four-, and five-day backpacking trips, mountain climbs and horse-pack trips. High Trails has a variety of overnights and all-days planned including a trip to the resort town of Breckenridge on Thursday. Sanborn Junior campers are looking forward to another campout, more horseback riding, a hike to the Florissant Fossil Beds, and an all-day tubing trip on the South Platte River. The term is flying by and we plan to make the most of our last week together.

Camp News Update: June 19th, 2011

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Unit Overnights: Hiking in the CO High Country

What a great week!  As always, we feel so fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of young people, and enthusiasm has been high for all of our trips and activities.

We have enjoyed sunny skies and warm temperatures throughout the week, perfect weather for our many outdoor activities.  Monday and Tuesday included many introductory activities as groups headed out for hikes and horseback rides, learned archery or fly-tying, practiced rock climbing, and worked on creative projects at the Arts and Crafts buildings, the Interbarn, and the photo-darkroom.

Watching the sunset at Top of the World

On Wednesday, High Trails put on their backpacks for cabinside overnights and hiked to campsites around our property to spend the night camping out.  Big Spring left for their unit overnights on Thursday.  Campers and staff returned in high spirits and shared excited stories of their adventures.  On Friday, the girls began their all-day trips with a river trip,  technical rock climbing, rock scrambling, and horseback rides.

Chatting with Ranger Will at the Florissant Fossil Beds

Junior campers also participated in overnight camp outs during the week.  In addition, they went horseback riding twice, enjoyed several hikes, and spent time at the swimming pool, the crafts shop and the Interbarn.  The girls visited the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument while the boys were enthusiastic about their all-day tubing trip at the South Platte River.

Everyone enjoyed several all-camp events throughout the week.  Both camps celebrated the arrival of campers with opening campfires on Monday evening.  At High Trails, the Adventure Race on Tuesday afternoon and the Counselor Hunt on Tuesday evening were great fun.  Big Spring’s wild and crazy Bomber Relay was also held on Tuesday night.  Both camps held skit nights where each living unit dramatized their adventures on the overnights.  On Saturday evening, the camps came together at Big Spring for an ice cream social and Decades Dance.

Campers in both camps have been offered a wide variety of all-day and overnight trips and a number of these are scheduled for next week.  Horseback overnights, tubing on the South Platte River, fishing all-days, mountain climbs and hikes to several spectacular locations are only some of the adventures that await. There will also be a busy in-camp program and some of our favorite special events.  Juniors at both camps will experience another campout, more horseback riding, swimming, tennis, and a number of fun, creative in-camp activities.  High Trails Juniors are looking forward to their trip on the South Platte River while Junior Campers at Big Spring will enjoy the Bat Caves/Fossil Beds All Day.

Many of our older campers have signed up for SOLE (Sanborn Outdoor Leadership Experience) or CORE (Community Outreach Experience) next week—these 5-day adventures include service projects as well as challenging activities.  One group will work with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative to build trails on Mt. Elbert, while another will hike along the Colorado Trail and work with CFI on Oxford/Belford.  Two separate trip groups have chosen a rock climbing focus.  During the week they will learn climbing skills and build trails at our climbing site on Wild Goat Mountain. Both the CORE and SOLE programs are also offering 5-day Horsemanship experiences–these will emphasize improving horseback riding skills as well as community service.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the living unit photos taken early last week by clicking on “Check out photos from Summer 2011” under “Camp Dates” on our home page.  We’ve also posted some new activity photos taken last week.  Photos from either Big Spring, High Trails, or Sanborn Junior will load automatically in the photo gallery.  To access photos from the other camps, click on the gallery button on the bottom left of the photos and choose the photos you would like to see.

Beyond reading these weekly updates and our Sanborn blog online, you can follow Sanborn Western Camps on Facebook. We would love to have parents, friends, and family follow our (almost!) daily updates about camp events, trips and activities.  We also post links to great “children and nature’ organizations and activities.

Until next week…

News From Camp: November Update

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

We still have not had a “real” snowfall, although we saw a few flakes in the air and the temperatures turned cold for a few days last week.  This is most unusual for us since we usually get at least one significant snow before the end of October.  There are even a few golden aspen leaves hanging on trees around the ranch.

Our maintenance crew has made excellent use of the good weather and has built new tent frames on HKL Ridge at Big Spring.  They will be covered by the familiar green tents but each now includes a deck which goes around the tent.  These decks will be a great place for the boys to relax and talk with friends and counselors.  Our plan is to rebuild all the tent frames at Big Spring over the next two years.

Sam and Maren report that the horses are very happy grazing in the High Tor Meadow and Witcher pastures.  They have appreciated taking it easy and munching sweet mountain grass to their heart’s content after their busy summer in the Big Spring and High Trails Riding programs.

We will be again be hosting the American Camp Association—Rocky Mountain Section Annual workshop in mid-November.  Attended by camp leaders from several states, this is a wonderful educational and networking opportunity and many of our year round staff will be attending and, in some cases, presenting programs.  Big Spring Director Mike MacDonald is the current President of the Rocky Mountain Section, and Big Spring Assistant Director Ryan McGowan sits on the Board.

We are all looking forward to the relative calm of the winter season and the opportunity it provides to improve our programs and our facilities. We met last week to select dates for some of our exceptional trips next summer.  These include four- and five-day backpacking trips on Mts. Elbert and Massive, Mts. Harvard and Yale, Pikes Peak, the Colorado Trail, Buffalo Peaks, the Tarryall Mountains and several more spectacular wilderness areas.  We also planned mountain climbing trips to Mt. Huron, Mt Ouray, Mt. Oxford and Belford, La Plata Peak, Mt. Quandary, Mt. Democrat, Mt. Princeton and ten more Colorado “Fourteeners”.  We are already anticipating the fun and challenge of these amazing adventures.

Mike and Julie are excited to visit the Washington, DC area and the Austin, San Antonio, and the Houston communities with the camp digital slide show beginning November 30.  They are also making plans for their January trip to the Midwest to meet camp friends and families who are interested in camp.  A schedule of their travels is posted on the website, and we will be sending information about the shows to camp families, alums, and those who are interested in exploring the opportunities at Big Spring, High Trails and Sanborn Junior.

Many of you have received enrollment information in the past month, and we are always happy to send our brochure and DVD to new families.  We offer an early bird tuition discount for enrollments we receive before December 1. We have already received a significant number of enrollments for 2011 and are excited to watch the High Trails and Big Spring communities take shape.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!