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Building Interview #2: Quick’s Homestead

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

The gate is open and the wire and wooden post is covered in snow. Where are the juniors running around the campfire waiting for their chili mac to finish? I’ve seen a lot of light saber duals around this house, not to mention the amount of shady deals gone down in the feed-store-turned-saloon in front of the homestead. Soon school groups will be here. They will move from the tool shed to the caved-in potato cellar, across the wooden boards to the barn, and out to see the old carriages and plows rusted out and wood bleached from the sun in the field.

I interviewed the stove.

WM: What’s cooking?

S: Heh, not much.

WM: It was only a question, don’t get overheated!

S: Wow, that’s great.

WM: Thanks. You ever get to read the books in here?

S: Sometimes, but I’m not a big reader.

WM: What do you want to be when you’re older?

S: A Stove.

WM: Ha, good one. Uh… [WM shuffles through his pad of paper.] Ever heard of television?

S: Nope.

WM: A Jet Boil?

S: No.

WM: You hear how many retweets Ellen DeGeneres got at the Oscars?

S: Nope.

WM: Like over 2 million.

It’s hard to imagine, this winter flying back and forth home to Massachusetts, driving down to Colorado Springs to see a movie in 3D, driving to Crested Butte to ski for the weekend, that Quick’s is always here. That it always smells like this. That at 2pm the sun looks like this. The tools are lying just so, waiting for us to find them in the Spring and hand to wide-eyed children. I sometimes think the ground squirrels always hide in the rafters of the tool shed until I walk up, exploding across the wooden boards and vanishing with a flip of their tail out of sight.

WM: A microwave?

S: [She shakes her head.]

WM: It’s really neat, it’s got these buttons and you can make a hotdog in 45 seconds. 1 minute if you want it to split—

S: Look, can we wrap this up soon?

WM: Wait! Sorry I’m so nervous, it’s just… you’re my favorite stove.

S: [Stove brightens up.] OK. Let’s try again, then.

WM: Sorry about before. I didn’t mean to grill you.

High Trails School Weeks

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Monday marked the first day of staff training for our spring school weeks program at High Trails. We have a great group of eight staff from all over the country. While our first school doesn’t arrive until next Wednesday, we are busy getting everything ready.

Our staff is hiking through the six inches or so on the ground, prepping for discovery groups, learning where trails go, and learning everything they need to know about outdoor education! Our staff is preparing to teach Homesteaders, Team Building, Crafters, Prospectors, Explorers, and more!

Find Your Tree hike during Setting the Mood discovery group

We woke up to quite a snow storm this morning. Just as we adapt the program when students are here, we adapted the training today. The snow always makes everything more exciting! It is easy to say that we need to be flexible when things don’t go as planned. It is a little more difficult to teach that flexibility. While it can be challenging to predict how students will react to a lesson plan, we train our staff to be prepared with different approaches to teaching specific material, we share potential reactions from students, and ensure they understand teacher expectations.

We are expecting the snow to melt before our first school arrives in just one week. If not, we know the staff is prepared for anything!

More Fun in the Snow

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

I was surprised to wake up to a couple inches of snow this morning. They had been talking snow on the weather last night, but I wasn’t completely sure it would happen. There are so many activities to do outside in the snow: hiking, sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, making snow angels, building snowmen, looking for tracks…

We are lucky to also get a lot of sun with our snow. We have bright blue skies today, which I think makes the snow more inviting. It also made me think of more activities to do outside.

The sun and fresh snow create a great canvas for making shadows. I usually think of shadows at night and the scary noises I create in my head to go with those shadows. In the daylight, using snow as the background, makes shadows much more fun!

You don’t need any props for this activity. You don’t need to travel far. You and your children only have to use your imaginations. Even if you don’t have snow, I think it would be fun to make shadow shapes in the grass, mud, or on the driveway.

Playing outside with children is all about using the imagination. As the adult, you don’t have to do much, other than encourage your child. Let their imaginations run wild and you run along with them.