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Sunday, January 27th 2013 Chicago Road Show Cancelled

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Hello from St. Louis,

Elizabeth and I have been making our way across the country and have been looking forward to getting to Chicago and our show tonight at the Winnetka Community House. However, Winter Storm Luna is also making her way across the country and is moving across Illinois toward Chicago. All of central Illinois is currently receiving freezing rain and the same is forecast for the Chicago area this afternoon and evening.

With great reluctance and disappointment, we feel it is best to cancel our show tonight. Our getting there is very much in question, and if it hits the Chicago area as predicted, your travel to the show will be difficult at best, as well.

Just as when we are making the final push to summit a mountain and see the developing clouds circling the peak, we look at all the options and keep the best interest of everyone at the top of our priority list. When we turn back from the summit attempt, we are disappointed, but know that we made the best decision we could with the information at hand. We also know it will still be there for a future attempt. Same, too, with our show. We have already begun looking to see if we can come back to Chicago in late February or March. We will keep you posted on how those plans develop.

We appreciate your understanding as we cancel a camp road show for the first time in anyone’s memory. And, if you helped us spread the word beyond the Sanborn community, will you reach out to those folks and let them know of the change. If evening travel is not greatly affected in the area, our Chicago representative, Cathy Burnham, plans to go the the Winnetka Community House to meet those who didn’t get the word of the cancellation.

If you or anyone you know who is interested in learning more about camp, please contact us at camp.

Thanks for your understanding,

Elizabeth and Mike